Say Hi To KLTR Coffee Roasters!

Finally the owner of Koultoura, which has been one of my favorite coffee shop, decided to bring their coffee madness to the center of Jakarta! With a nicely revamped concept, they introduced a different name, KLTR Coffee Roasters, which was opened for public in August 9th. While Koultoura has always been a nice casual brunch & coffee spots for family and friends, KLTR embodies a more serious, classy and exclusive ambience that is suitable for the business people working around the area.

Located at Apartment Pavilion Retail Arcade, Jl KH Mas Mansyur Kav 24, Jakarta, KLTR Coffee Roasters is ready to welcome you with their fine selection of great foods and coffee! I got to try most of their menu during the soft-opening and the highlights for me are: the Beef Yakimeshi (with poached egg and truffle essence), Pork Ragout, Pork Ham (with scrambled egg croissant), and the French Toast (maple pork bacon with whisky ice cream)!

If you’re looking for a nice spot for lunch meeting, or you happen to work around Sudirman area, visiting KLTR Coffee Roasters this week should be a priority!

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Pan Seared Barramundi

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Crab Cake

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Beef Yakimeshi

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Pork Ragout

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Pork Ham

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Salmon Iberico

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Two Stack Pancakes

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French Toast

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Strawberry Yoghurt


Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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Congrats, Joe!

Price of Passion.

I still vividly remember my parents’ disappointed face when I told them I wanted to pursue my passion in writing for my college major instead of business major.

It was not a pretty sight.

The loneliness of being the only Asian among Australians in the class because Art degree, let alone Creative Writing major, was far from popular among my peers. Oh the frustration, when I had to quit my writing job in a magazine that I actually loved doing because the paycheque was far from ideal and had to look for other career opportunity instead.

I buried my writing dream since then for five years, as I started to work purely for good money by running my own business in fashion.

I thought I was fine living with a dead dream.

Until not too long ago I found myself completely, utterly, broken.
I was hopeless.  I was helpless.
My soul was weary.
The future is nothing but a fog.
Unfathomable dead of night that this small mind failed to comprehend.

Pursuing a passion has its price to pay.

As for me, it was depression.
Not the “OMG my boyfriend broke up with me, I feel sooo depressed” kind, but diagnosed-by-psychiatrist-and-she-prescribed-me-with-an anti-depressants-so-I-won’t-turn-suicidal-kind.

There were days when I had to swallow that tiny pill just to give me the strength, to get me out of the bed and go to work. When I woke up I wished the day would end already, so tomorrow will come and I will finally be done feeling this empty.

In that state of mind, I kept telling the universe,

“I know I’m not a child anymore and I need to grow up,
but don’t make me a dreamer if you’re just gonna crush it with harsh reality.”

I was artistically heart broken, because the creator in me wasn’t able to create.
I had some success in my business, but I was far from being genuinely happy.
People who just knew me recently, would never know the wordsmith side of me.
Because I never show them.

Now more than ever, the world tells you to pursue your passion.
“Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life,” they said.

But guess what, you actually have to.

Maybe your true passion isn’t making a lot of money, but the bill needs to be paid.
Last time I checked, groceries can’t be exchanged by passion nor big dreams.
Traveling and taking Insta-worthy pictures costs you.

Pursuing a passion is hard work.

Working your arse off day and night, doing everything you can, chasing every opportunities like you chase the wind, while waiting, for that door to finally come bursting open, for your teenage dream to finally come true, it can get mind-numbingly discouraging.

But after being molded for so long in darkness, imprisoned by the uncertainty, when the time is right, the light in you will shine bright.

If you prove yourself to be FAITHFUL in LOVING what you were entrusted to DO, even if it wasn’t the ideal job that you had in mind growing up, soon enough the universe will reward you with

the right people, 
right place, 
right time,

and you will be able to DO what you LOVE.

Start with a small step.
Start with what you currently have in your hands.
Dare to hope again.
Dare to feel again.
If you’re like me, dare to write again.

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Dream on my dearest,

S. (@sashatjie)



An Interview With Greys Polii: The Admirable Story of Pursuing Passion with Perseverance.

The girl who will be leaving 20something season in the next few weeks have been a friend of mine probably since 2009 or 2010. Sharing the same pride of being heirs of Minahasan (one of the tribes in Indonesia, located in North Sulawesi) blood, was one of the things that made our friendship flows quite naturally.

Greys Polii (Gel) has always been kind-hearted, easy going and very humble person, even though she was already a star in the national sports field, when we first became friends. From the first hang out to following each other on Twitter, and even until she finally won her first Gold Medal and ranked Number 2 in the Badminton Women’s Doubles World Rank, Gel remains as humble as ever. Nothing has changed except now that she is more mature and wise in handling challenges. That is why I decided to feature her and get some worth-sharing insights that hopefully could enrich your twenty-something journey.

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TPOB20: Who is Greys Polii in your own eyes?
Greys Polii career-wise she is a very ambitious and strong-willed woman who will give 200% focus and energy to make sure she got what she wants. But at the same time, she knows when and how to rest. For her, working and resting  must go hand-in-hand. In daily life, she’s a very sociable person, easy to make new friends and have high level of curiosity. She loves to learn from other people’s stories.

TPOB20: The question “What do you do” would be irrelevant to you, as most people, especially Indonesians must have heard about your astonishing achievements in Badminton. So, why don’t you share the story of how did you get into this career path.
Haha.. yea, there’s nothing interesting about “What I do” because I spend my days practicing and traveling for championship. I don’t have much time flexibility to do anything else outside of badminton. I’ve spent my whole life living at the dormitory with other badminton athletes, and only got to meet my family and friends during weekend or holiday.

I started playing badminton since I was only a 5-year-old kid. My mom, who was a tennis player, started to introduce me to both sports, but then I loved badminton more than tennis. We even moved from Manado (the capital city of North Sulawesi) to Jakarta when I was 8 to join a club. I remember she challenged the 8-year-old me whether I want to be a badminton player or not, if yes then we have to move to Jakarta so that I can get more serious in preparing myself to be an athlete.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Greysia Polii Badminton Athlete Indonesia Gold Medal Olympic Jakarta Inspiring People Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 09

Three years later, when I was 11, I decided to get more serious in badminton and started to live in the dormitory. It was a total game-changer for me when I got separated from my Mom, which forced me to grow up independently. For me it was like the real moment where I said to myself, “This is it…” When I was 14, I started to wonder about my true calling and purpose. I realized that my life and talent is not only about being a world champion, but there’s gotta be something bigger, which is to be the best at what I do in order to inspire and bless other people.

At that moment I also had to choose which category (Singles, Doubles, or Mixed Doubles) of badminton that I want to focus on. Everyone I know (friends, family, coach) encouraged me to play in Singles or Mixed Doubles category, yet I was so convinced that I’m meant for Women’s Doubles category. When I told them that I chose to focus on Women’s Doubles, they considered my decision as foolish because Indonesia’s Women’s Doubles team haven’t won anything. China have been dominating the Women’s Doubles category for 20 to 30 years. It would be a lot easier and faster for me to become successful to play at Singles or Mixed Doubles. Although everyone I know was against my decision, I decided to continue and believed that I could make a history in this particular category.

TPOB20: How did it go? Did you ever change your mind or regret your decision?
Gel: Although the process and journey was really tough and challenging, I had never regretted or changed my mind about it.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Greysia Polii Badminton Athlete Indonesia Gold Medal Olympic Jakarta Inspiring People Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 07

TPOB20: Tell us more about it. What was your biggest challenge, or your lowest point in pursuing your dream?
Well, 2012 was the lowest point in my life. I was 25 at that time. After 11 years of working hard and longing for a breakthrough, which is to be the first in Women’s Doubles, life decided to turn its back on me. I was disqualified at the Olympic Games for something that my partner and I didn’t do. We were accused of playing dirty in the Olympic Games and the saddest part was that we had to submit to the International Olympic Committee. The government apologized to us for not being able to help us out of the situation despite of the fact that we were not guilty. The IOC insisted that we had to bear the consequences otherwise Indonesia, particularly Badminton won’t be included in the next Olympic Games.

It was an utterly devastating experience. I felt like I’ve climbed way too high for 11 years only to be dragged down and hit the solid bottom. Somehow I lost focus and felt like the dream that I’ve been pursuing with high hopes and perseverance was totally unreachable. As disappointed as it was, I decided to quickly move on. I refused to give up and lose hope, and kept on trying until the promotion finally came in 2014, which has changed my life forever. Together with my partner, Nitya Krishinda Maheswari, won the Gold Medal at Asian Games in Korea, and we ranked number two in World Women’s Double.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Greysia Polii Badminton Athlete Indonesia Gold Medal Olympic Jakarta Inspiring People Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 04

TPOB20: What are your work values that brought you here?
Gel: Perseverance and strong determination. I’ve made so many mistakes, but that shouldn’t stop me from getting back up every time I stumbled.

TPOB20: What kind of thing disturbs or angers you the most?
Gel: Dishonesty. Every one has a problem and past that they have to deal with, but as humans we need to learn how to be bold. Once we live freely in the open, being honest and transparent about our lives we gain freedom. Fear could not conquer us. People who are dishonest can’t enjoy a free live, because fear will sooner or later haunt them.

TPOB20: What kind of activity do you do to refuel your creative tanks?
Uhmm.. I do a lot of stuff in my spare time because I have high level of curiosity so I keep wanting to try new things: reading books, learning how to play a guitar, keyboards, taking a diving lesson, mount climbing, learning about public speaking, and other languages like English and Mandarin.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Greysia Polii Badminton Athlete Indonesia Gold Medal Olympic Jakarta Inspiring People Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 08

TPOB20: What would you do when you stop playing badminton? 
Gel: Being an athlete in Indonesia is not easy. Even though we have sacrificed and gave everything for our country, once we stop our duty we are on our own. We need to plan for our lives if we want to live a life with financial freedom once we retired. That’s where I want to involve myself in after retirement. I want to help educate the next generation of athletes how crucial it is for them to manage their income, to challenge their way of thinking so that they could plan ahead, and not only live for the moment.

TPOB20: Now that you have won a gold medal, what would be your next big dream to pursue?
Gel: Definitely winning gold medal on a higher level, for example at the Olympic and becoming a world champion. Or, perhaps getting the first rank, because currently my partner and I are in number 2 of world rank.

TPOB20: Lastly, now that you are about to leave 20s, what is the perks of being 20 to you?
Gel: Hmm.. what we do in our twenties will affect our lives in our thirties. What we do in our thirties will affect us in our forties. And so on… That’s why it’s important for us not to live carelessly, because what we do today will determine the quality of our lives in the next season. I’m grateful that I have found my purpose and passion long way before I hit 20. By discovering my purpose, I now have a fulfilled life and clear direction of where I’m going.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Greysia Polii Badminton Athlete Indonesia Gold Medal Olympic Jakarta Inspiring People Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 05

She closed our conversation with a simple encouragement for you who is on the run of pursuing your passion, particularly in sports: “Give the best of you in every thing that you do, especially in sports. Give 1000% focus and energy. Don’t pursue your passion and dreams half-heartedly because you will never be able to achieve it.”

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)


The Flat White Culture

Hello everyone! This is going to be my very first post on this blog and let’s talk about coffee, specifically the flat whites! What can I say about Aussie’s flat white, except that it is the most amazing 6.5 ounce cup of coffee.

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Posin’ in front of Single O

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Bonnie Coffee Shop

I just recently came back from Aussie, I went to Melbourne and Sydney. Naturally when I’m in Aussie, all that I drink was their coffee. I myself love pour over coffee, whether it’s a batch brew or freshly made over V60. But then, when in Aussie, flat white is a must have. Why is that? Because it’s the best! Here’s the thing, you should know that in order to brew a good cup of coffee, there are many factors to consider.

From the altitude of where the beans were planted, the moment the beans were picked out in the farm, to the drying process, roasting and whose the roaster, then to the grinder which is actually more important than the espresso machine, then of course to the hand of the barista who pull the shots from the espresso machine, and also how the barista froth the milk.

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Patricia Coffee

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Kingswood Coffee Shop

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Reuben Hills Coffee Shop

Now, in between these important process, other factors that can produce a nice velvety cup of coffee are both water and milk.

Water and milk in Aussie are just different than the ones we have here in Indonesia, well actually the beans as well, but we can always buy the better beans. You see water and milk are something we can’t just bring back here. They delicately filtered their tap water into their machine. I heard they even do cupping for water, isn’t that extreme? LOL. Their milk contain different protein level, fat percentage, and consistency than ours here, so it gives out a different kind of sweetness in your cup of coffee. Because of all this, their flat white has unique taste. I know for sure that you can’t find it anywhere else in the world except in Aussie. Even the flat whites in Melbourne and Sydney tasted differently.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Market Lane Coffee

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Duke’s Roaster

Let me describe the taste; first when you sip that velvety thick brown coffee it will surprise you with a nice aroma of either yummy bread or floral scent. As you swirl it in your mouth the taste will start to dance in your taste palette. Either it’s very sweet like biscuits or it’s very fruity and juicy. Then as it finishes, the after taste is clean and satisfying. Imagine that!

Not all coffee shop there serve this kind of flat whites, but here’s a few of good places where you can try for a good cup of flat white. When in Melbourne, go to: Bonnie Coffee, Duke Roasters, Proud Mary, Patricia, and Market Lane. When in Sydney you can try Single O, Reuben Hills, Paramount, Campos, and Kingswood.

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Melbourne Finest Art

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The quiet side of Sydney

I’m guessing ever people’s experience on their cup of coffee is different. For me coffee is life, I can hardly function without it and I so happen to own a coffee shop with my husband. We try our best everyday to serve the best out of what we have and we invite people to experience coffee through our coffee shop. We try to educate each customer that come into our place by giving them selections to what they want to experience that day.

So… I hope you can experience good coffee and have an awesome day!

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Meet the backside of my husband, Alfred. LOL.

Talk to you later,

SC. (@callistasarah)











Hello Sunday, Til’ We Meet Again.

As someone who works 9-to-5 from Monday to Friday, letting go the warm embrace of Sunday and everything that it has to offer could be tough sometimes. But, I didn’t have much of an option, right? Unless I have this super power to freeze time or extend it just for a little bit longer, then leaving Sunday behind won’t be much of a problem.

That is why I always make sure I had the most recharging weekend, which is mostly spent either by sitting at a coffee shop and reading a book, or trying out new places while having tons of laughter, exchanging stories with my favorite bunch.

Just a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this homey desserts place called Hello Sunday. Totally a love at first sight for me simply because it has alfresco area with white walls and big window panes! Every blogger would love this kind of place because it makes your “I gotta take photos for my blog post this week” MUCH easier.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Lifestyle Travel Foodies Restaurant Jakarta Indonesia Hello Sunday Cikini 09

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Lifestyle Travel Foodies Restaurant Jakarta Indonesia Hello Sunday Cikini 08

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Lifestyle Travel Foodies Restaurant Jakarta Indonesia Hello Sunday Cikini 05

Located at Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro No. 21, Menteng, Center Jakarta, Hello Sunday is the place that makes you excited during the weekdays because you know Sunday is just around the corner! The name itself gives you this perspective that Sunday is no longer something that you waved goodbye, but something that you look forward to, like an old friend whom you can’t wait to see!

The beverages and appetizers taste surprisingly good. With plenty of new coffee shop, restaurant and desserts spots opening sporadically like every week, somehow not all new players could maintain the quality of their products. Sadly, most only offer comfy ambience with bad service and plain-tasted food and drinks.

What’s even more interesting about this place is that you can get local-flavored ice cream in cone or waffle with different toppings, and sauces with very cheap price, about IDR 30k.  So I ordered Es Teler mixed with Gula Malaka flavors ice-cream, with original-flavored cone, and on top of it all, I picked pistachio crackers and almond-cashew crackers as my topping. Yums!

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Lifestyle Travel Foodies Restaurant Jakarta Indonesia Hello Sunday Cikini 02

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Lifestyle Travel Foodies Restaurant Jakarta Indonesia Hello Sunday Cikini 03

Iced Black Coffee

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Lifestyle Travel Foodies Restaurant Jakarta Indonesia Hello Sunday Cikini 04

Gula Malaka ice cream served with choco chips waffle and choco sauce, topped with almond cashew crackers and coconut jellies

And of course, with that “oh-so-instagenic” surroundings you just have to get a nice OOTD photo for your Instagram. Amen?

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Lifestyle Travel Foodies Restaurant Jakarta Indonesia Hello Sunday Cikini 01

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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Kopi Nalar: It’s Been A While.

Does anyone agree with me that no matter where we are right now in life, there’s this tiny curiosity that keeps on popping out (whether from within, or from our surroundings) and asks us about “What’s Next?” It seems like people are so expectant with the progress you make that by the time you stop or seem to show no progress in life, you’ll be considered a misfit.

Is it true that life is only about moving forward and transitioning from one “what’s next” to another? Is it true that people tend to applaud those people who jump into one opportunity to another simply because they look courageous, while at the same time they are actually careless and unprepared?

The over–glorified concept of having something “new”, being a “new” person, or anything that has the word “NEW” can actually be something dangerous for us if we are not wise enough to discern. Once we are attracted to whatever “new” that comes our way, we tend to move with the highest speed without maximum protection and preparation simply because we are a sucker for excitement.

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 10

Speaking of new, meet one of the newest coffee in town.

What about hitting the brakes? What about moving just a little bit slower? What about saying no for a better “new” that we ultimately want instead of what we temporarily want?

Sorry for the long intro. I guess it’s just been a while since I poured out my (sometimes) too complex thoughts into one of my posts. Just like the fact that it’s been a while for both of us to spend one weekend only to go explore and try out new places in this city.

Just last weekend, we stumbled upon this new coffee shop in South Jakarta, along with some of friends. The name is Kopi Nalar (reasoning), and it was having a soft opening. The place was a 25 percent alfresco area, 25 percent smoking room with glass rooftops and large window panes, and 50 percent of a indoor seating with white walls and modern interior.

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 03

Kopi Nalar, Jalan Prof Joko Sutono SH No. 7, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 04

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 08

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 07

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 06

One of their plus points: Plugs. Everywhere.

When we got there, the smoking room was empty (none of us smokes though haha), so we invaded it like its a lounge reserved exclusively just for us. The room was filled with two cozy couches and plenty of bean bags!

After ordering our choices of drinks and desserts, we settled in comfortably and spent about 3-4 hours there talking. It felt like crashing into one of your friends’ house during holidays where you got nothing to do for the whole day, accompanied by bowls of chips and boxes of pizza. It was priceless! As someone who has Quality Time for his love language, this kind of hangout day with friends is a total heart-filling moment.

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 02

Almond and Honey

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 05

DR got a bit too comfy.

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 09

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 11

Pardon my too obvious tan line. Got it from my Belitung trip, which I will share soon!

The Perks of Being Twenty 20 Gerson Henry Henry Gerson Demas Ryan Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Coffee Shop Kopi Nalar Foodies 01

Some of my favorite Sunday crew.

What’s interesting about their coffee menu is that they have this so-called “healthy choice” of coffee. The “A Cup of Sense” menu is a mixture of coffee latte with healthy ingredients like granola, walnuts, almond, and honey. Surely I went for the new one and picked the almond and honey to complete my coffee o’clock.

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

New Taste to Dine at Cassis Kitchen!

People think that the life of a blogger is only filled with attending events and going for a fun trip, but we can assure you, it’s not just about that. Well, it’s partly true, but it’s not the whole truth. Anyway, a few weeks ago, while I had a solo trip to East Java, which was filled with mostly clouds and mist, DR had the privilege of a tasteful luncheon experience at Cassis Kitchen. Last week, we kinda switched place. While he had a fun vacation to (also) East Java (we’ll share it to you about both version of the trip soon), I had the privilege to enjoy Cassis Kitchen’s  new 2-course menu, which was launched at the end of February.

I’m not gonna talk a lot about the foods or the menu, I’m just gonna let the photos speak to you and encourage you to quickly reserve a table at Cassis Kitchen to taste it yourself!



Table situation.

So the 2-course menu is filled with several selection of starters and main courses menu. The first on the list was, Parsnip Soup, which is more like a bowl of comfort, showered with garlic croutons and chives as toppings.

The second one on the starter was one my favorite! The crab toast that serves as a perfect choice to open your meal. Imagine having an abundant portion of juicy crab meats as a spread for your toast. This is exactly why you should experience the unordinary brunch/luncheon/dinner at Cassis Kitchen as they are always on the road of creating new menu. And by the way, this is only the second menu. More photos of delicious meals will tease you as you scroll down through this post.

Now, for the last choice of the starter menu was the Churrasco Style Wagyu. This one is also a must have. Where else can you have a plate of rare wagyu beef, cooked with ponzu (citrun-based sauce) and chimicchurri sauce, topped with fried shallots as an appetizer?


Parsnip Soup


Crab Toast


Churrasco Style Wagyu

While the starter consists of three different choices, the main course consists of 9 different delicacies served in a satisfying portion. First up, which is also one of the meals that I’m gonna recommend to you, is the Seafood Risotto, a plate of seafood (scallop, prawn, and squid) party with risotto as their host, cooked together with mascarpone and basil oil.

Second and third one is the Spaghetti Carbonara and Beef Bolognese. As you can see in the pictures, both are covered in a rich portion of grated parmesan cheese. The carbonara is topped with green peas and poached egg, while the bolognese is served with penne, spicy beef ragout and herbs. These two would definitely satisfy your craving of Italian foods!

Now if you’re more of a big bite kind of foodie, you should really try their huge portion of Fish and Chips (beer battered dory) served with french fries and tartare sauce, and also the CK Cheese Burger, which is a double beef patties, placed within sesame brioche buns, and also served with french fries. It’s finger-lickin’ good!


Seafood Risotto


Spaghetti Carbonara


Beef Bolognese


Fish and Chips


CK Cheese Burger

The next three are all for you seafood freaks. The first one is Patagonian Tootfish, placed artistically on top of cauliflower puree and showered with exotic mango salsa that brings a an ultimate freshness to the flavor. Another “must try” in Cassis Kitchen’s new menu is the Steamed Monkfish, which was made of pancetta, braised short ribs, parsnip puree and port jus. This one does not only give you a great taste, but it also gives you an eye-pleasing plating. You surely want to snap it for your Instagram.

If you’re a Lobster lover, then the Roasted Lobster Tail is what you should order next. It’s cooked perfectly with truffle chicken cream baby cos and completed with sweet potato veloutte, which doesn’t only perfected the flavor but also the whole look of the plating as the yellow color pop ups beautifully in the midst of all the other colors.


Patagonian Toothfish


Steamed Monkfish


Roasted Lobster Tail


Last but  not least on the main course list is the Curry Chicken Kiev, the name says it all I suppose. However, when the food came out, I secretly wondered about the curry sauce. Where is it? I didn’t see any. Apparently you have to slice open the Curry Chicken Kiev to find the curry sauce!


Chicken Curry Kiev


Hello there curry sauce!

Now to complete the 2-course menu, you can order their newly launched fashion-inspired cocktails, which came in a very creative packaging. They have the Elyx Kits, (the pink cocktail) served inside an acrylic music box, the Mademoiselle which comes in a headless mini mannequin, Fashion Victim, that literally comes in a small leather bag! And, the Concoctioner, served in conditioner bottle. Be careful not to apply it on your hair.

Ladies, if you are looking for a good time chillin with your friends, these drinks are not only a great companion but also a good Instagram material indeed!


Elyx Kits


Fashion Victim, modeled by @yossicostephanie.





Now I totally got what DR put as title in our former post about Cassis Kitchen. Plus, I came home with a real food comma. Stop imagining how the food tastes like in Cassis Kitchen, and start the experience soon this week! It’s definitely worth your time and penny.


Thank you for having us @CassisKitchen!

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)