Seeing Things From Behind A 40 Year Old Lens

“The camera doesn’t matter – the eye does,” says the anonymous, blurred person who speaks only in my hazy memory. This is a quote heard by millions of photographers, possibly in a million, different, often misquoted ways. They all seem to drive a point, however: that the camera is only a tool that is as good as you are able to project your visual ideas and images with.

To test that ubiquitous theory, I recently purchased a 40-year-old lens, after a convincing demonstration from a friend and coworker. This one cost a fraction of what newer lenses charge, thanks to age and time working in my favor. I immediately bought the lens from a second-hand online store, along with a cheap adapter for my Canon 60D (which in itself, is an aging camera, according to every photographer ever).

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 01

The Setup

I had to admire the lens for a while as it came out the box a few days after. Here was a creation that stood the wear and tear of 40 years, through time and space, that landed on my pale, white desk of mine. I will never know the story it went through, or how many hands have grasped and pulled its aging handles, or how beautiful the pictures that were taken by many eyes and clicks of the shutter. These things, it seems, I can only wonder.

So to stop wondering, I decided to test this gizmo of mine on a trip to Bandung, in West Java.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 02

A visit to a limestone processing factory in Bandung

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 03

Before lifting heavy rocks

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 04


The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 05

On standby, without workers

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 06

A local-favorite. Kue ape

I immediately noticed a few things: how sharp the images were, how different the colors appeared, and how hard the lens was to operate! Here was a photographer, so used to modern marvels such as auto-focus and exposure compensation, receiving a vintage welcome from his own camera. It was a bare-bones experience, having to manually set the aperture and the focus ring every time I had a subject in frame. But it was eye-opening, as it was unfamiliar

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 07

Visiting the night street market

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 08

Look at all those chickens (y’know, that one vine)

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 09

Famous Martabak Andir

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 10

Coincidentally, the man behind the stall has been making Martabak for 40 years

The lens worked wonders in night time, thanks to its wide 1.4 aperture. The images managed to stay crisp as well. It was hard to focus, though, without the automatic function I was so used to having.

And then there was this certain dreamy character to the bokeh, as the blurred edges of the images never seem to stay symmetrical and perfectly round. Yet the depth of the areas that were in focus almost seemed that they can pop out, like a cutout character from a story book. This lens, and its images, are a trippy piece of work.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Henry Gerson Gerson Henry Jeloy Tirie Lens Photography Street Photography Bandung West Java Nikkon Indonesia Traveling Lifestyle 11

A self-portrait that ‘pops’ out (taken by a good friend of mine, Moses – @moosesronaldo)

I felt responsible to show what an old, jaded lens can do, since this is my first lens I bought with my own savings. And it to see how much it has gone through, it’s an honor, in a strange kind of way, to own something that has its own mysterious story.

So, I do think to dismiss a cheap and aging piece of technology would be a tragic story to tell. I think something like this offers a portal to see the peculiarities of imperfect items of yesteryear; a sort of back-to-your-roots experience. With all the new technology coming to our screens and doors in 2018, it would be nice to step back and recall on older things that we haven’t explored. Here’s me just starting out into that journey, and with good intentions, I ask that you come along too.

Jeloy. (@je.loy)



An Interview With Albert Halim: A Humble Heart Behind The Glamorous Spotlight

I’ve known Albert Halim (Abet) since 2011 if I’m not mistaken. I remember watching Catatan (Harian) Si Boy, laughed so hard every time his character appeared on the screen, and two weeks later I met him at church. Through a friend, I got introduced to him, and we immediately hangout the first day we met. He was very humble and didn’t act like a movie star, even until today now that he starred in even more movies, and remained as one of my good friends.

Most people would think that working in the showbiz industry would make someone a little bit unapproachable. Albert proved it wrong with his sincere heart and over-friendliness. Please enjoy his insightful stories over a delicious lunch at KLTR.

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TPOB20: Who is Albert Halim in your own eyes?
Abet: Albert Halim is a nerd who doesn’t know a thing about computer.. hahaa. He connects easily with people. Rice is essential in his life, and it’s also the same thing with fruits. I have to eat rice and fruits every day. He loves dark chocolate, because he believes those who taste a little bit too sweet in the beginning would end up DRAINING.. hahaha! So might as well have something that taste a bit bitter, yet offers a sweet ending.

TPOB20: Lol! Are you talking about a chocolate or a person now? Anyway, what makes you busy these days?
Aside of being an actor, I’m now currently busy being a digital marketer. Yes, I still have upcoming movie, but at the same time I’m also enjoying this new world of digital marketing.

TPOB20: How did you start this whole digital marketing stuff?
Abet: It started last year when I was hired as an influencer for a watch company in Jakarta. Met up with the owner and I couldn’t help but to give him some creative ideas for his digital campaign. He loved it, and decided to hire me to handle some of his brands. One thing leads to another, at this moment I’m now handling 6 brands already.

TPOB20: Wait, did you have any educational background in this field?
Abet: LOL.. no. I graduated as a bachelor of computer accounting, and I still don’t understand how to use Excel properly. But what matters is I graduated with good grades by God’s grace. Uhm and.. with the help of my friends I guess since it was a group project hahaha.

TPOB20: Now, let’s talk about your career in the showbiz industry. How did you get into acting?
Abet: I remember wanting to be an MTV VJ when I was still in high school. I was a fan of Sarah Sechan, and I thought it would be cool to appear in a tv show. However, there was no opportunity for me until my last year in college. At that moment, I have given up the dream and thought that probably entertainment world is not for me. I even have considered to be an accountant and work in a big four accounting company.

Until one day my friend told me to join a casting for tv commercial, and it took me only three or four auditions to star in a tv commercial. That’s how it all started. I began to build a network with some people from the showbiz world.

When I graduated, I told my family that I wanted to pursue acting. So I looked up for a great acting school. Got introduced to Sakti Aktor Studio, and taught by a great man, Bang Eka Sitorus for two years. And, by God’s grace, I landed my first movie, “7 Hati 7 Cinta 7 Wanita” along with big names like Marcella Zalianty, Jajang C Noer, Happy Salma and Olga Lydia.

The next month, I auditioned for Catatan (Harian) Si Boy, which was directed by Putrama Tuta and starred by Ario Bayu, Abimana Aryasatya, Tara Basro and Carissa Putri. Gratefully, I got a remarkable role named Herry, which turned out to be quite a milestone in my career path. From that moment on, I started to gain public recognition and got offered to host a tv show and starred in a sitcom.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
TPOB20: What was the initial reaction of your family when you told them that you wanted to pursue acting as your career?
Abet: Well, they were shocked of course. Because, none of my family members ever have a career in this industry. They seemed doubtful at first, but they were willing to let me try, because at that moment I was just graduated from college. So I got nothing to lose. I’m pretty sure that they would have pushed me to work in an accountant company if I failed in this path. Thank God, I did not…

TPOB20: What are your work values that brought you here?
Giving my best in every single thing that I do, no matter whether it’s a big client or not, whether it’s a big project or not. For example, it’s normal to shoot a movie until past midnight, or sometimes very early in the morning before the sun is out. You would feel sleepy and cranky, and probably tired, right? It’s understandable that most people might want to make it quick and just do whatever it is that the director told them to do. But not with me, I don’t care if it’s 4AM in the morning, I would argue and fight for my opinion if I think the script or the dialog doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s sad to see people compromise quality simply because they are tired. That’s why I’d never do that.

TPOB20: Have you ever felt bored doing this?
I’ve been doing this since I landed my first tv ads when I was 20. It’s been a decade now but I’ve never, for once, felt bored about this career path. Because I realize that to be where I am right now, it’s a matter of privilege. I’m not here to take this for granted just because I’ve played in several movies. I realize that a life like this, an opportunity like this doesn’t happen to everyone. So to feel bored about it would be ungrateful.

TPOB20: What’s the most challenging or interesting thing about being an actor?
Abet: Every actor, who understands the basic knowledge of acting, must do an in-depth psychological research about the role or character that they have to play. They need to have a comprehensive understanding on why the character think that way, react that way. It’s like being born into a new persona and trying to live with it before the shooting day.

TPOB20: So, what was the most challenging role for you?
Abet: When I took the role of Andrew Darwis (Founder of Kaskus) in “Sundul Gan: The Story of Kaskus”, which I co-starred with Dion Wiyoko, I had to spend hours talking with the real Andrew Darwis himself to catch his candid expressions and reactions. I had to learn about the way he speaks, what are the words that he uses in daily conversation.

TPOB20: Was it difficult for you to get out of the character once the movie is done?
Abet: It’s a challenge for every actor I guess. The famous Didi Petet once told me that it would be great if every actor started from zero when they are about to dive into a new character. That means they have to leave the old character behind. So you would look different in every movie, or every character you play. It was never easy for me because it would took about 2 – 3 months to really get into the character, it’s like building a new habit, a new lifestyle. Of course it would be hard to change it afterwards. But, when there’s a will, there is always a way. So, no excuse!

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TPOB20: What is your next big dream?
Abet: I used to dream of studying acting in USA. But now, that I’m in the digital marketing industry, I’m so keen to get a master degree in branding or marketing. It makes you look more credible somehow. So yeah I’ve been looking for some universities in US, and also preparing my saving, I even searched for scholarship. Wish me luck…

TPOB20: Who is your inspiration in life?
Abet: It’s my OO (aunt in Chinese). My mom passed away when I was still a little kid, my dad couldn’t support me financially so his oldest sister took me as her son. She’s truly one of a kind. Through her, I learned to constantly be grateful and inspired to work hard in life.

TPOB20: Lastly, what is the perks of beings 20 to you?
Abet: It’s definitely the most fun season to be in! I personally wish I could stay there forever. It’s the best moment where you don’t get tired easily, it’s the right time to pursue what you heart desire. If you’re in your 20 right now, please be more selective in listening to advices, don’t waste your time, you will never regret acting kind to everyone and anyone, and don’t forget to spend enough time with your family.

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Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

A Question For The Automaton Generation: Who Do You Want To Be?

When I was thirteen I aspire to be many things.

I wanted to be a scholar
A professor
A well known educator…

But at the same time, I also wanted to be a writer,
A poet
And ultimately, an artist, because I want to inspire people…

Years from there my aspirations keep growing to many different things to the point it was scattered into many different interests in life.
I ended up becoming a misfits.
It was a bit sad really…

All those years from a very highly inspired teenagers into a depressed, don’t-know-what-to-do-with-life human being. Why? You may asked.

Simple. People happened.

We are living in a society where people love to be involved in our lives. Whether it is for positive or negative thing, people simply love to meddle. It is not wrong, this is just how we make relationship with others.

I was once a by product of a society that dictates what I should and should not do. There were people in my life who “dislike” the fact that I had such big ambition and “quietly” killed my ambition. They drove me into questioning myself if what I wanted was too big.

Then, there were people who would “force” me to thrive differently, not in the things that I actually wanted but it was simply because what seemed to be “right”. Today is even worse, there seems to be a baseline for what is called to be “accepted” in society, in terms of your wishes, your identity, even your ultimate goals in life. And this makes me sad even further.

I finally managed to get out of this “automaton” dictation by pulling myself apart. This doesn’t mean I become an actual misfit. On the contrary, I have a better social life now and people accepted me just fine.

What changes, however, was how I’m letting this society get into my mind. Like I said earlier, it’s inevitable and not wrong for having a society who meddles in your life. This is how human interact but what we need to protect is our core. Who we really are. If we can do that by being true to who we really are, we can let the “right” people meddle into our life, which will enrich us instead of tearing us down.

People who can sharpen our desires instead of crushing it. People who can inspire us because they are also running in the same journey as ours. All in all, we need to let people who have the best interest for us to be a loud voice in our life. If there are people who keeps negating what we want to do, we should consider the existence of that person in our lives. Maybe, that person needs to be put aside some times.

Challenge is good but if you are constantly being challenged and questioned, sooner or later doubts will start to grow and block you from becoming who you really are.

To find who you are and to be who you want to be today is a bit harder, simply because the world is a lot noisier than before. Social media is a gateway for us to be depressed or to freely expressed ourselves correctly. It’s both a lethal machinery that can build us or kill us.

We need a strong filter for these voices in order for us to be true to ourselves. In my journey, I find that getting alone for a while and distant myself from all the noises for once in a while really helps. It makes me think clearly and inspire me again to get to where I wanted to go.

I’m writing this to you, who might be in need of any encouragement to find who you truly are. I hope this can help you. Just remember, you will finally be comfortable with who you are when you finally can be honest about who you are.

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Talk to you later!

SC. (@callistasarah)

An Interview With Aveline Gunawan: The Clumsy Girl With Secret Obsession Towards Greenday.

I’ve known Aveline Gunawan (Ave), a photographer for Baby Axioo, since her first days in Baby Axioo. We share mutual best friends, and got involved in preparing for their proposal, birthday surprises, bachelor parties, pre-wedding photoshoot and even became one of their groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Although she might look like a high-maintenance princess on her Instagram feeds, Ave is a complete opposite in person. She is very down to earth and far from princess-sy attitude. She is a clown who is not afraid to make fun of herself in front of other people. Her talent in photography is undeniably and inarguably a God’s gift. I remember during our trip to Bromo, she took photos using a Samsung phone, iPhone, DSLR, Mirrorless camera, and Analog camera, and every single shot she took was beautiful! Because of her I believe the idioms that says, “It’s not about the gear, it’s about the eyes and the taste behind the lens.” A real photographer could take the most beautiful photo using any gear, and she has proven it.

Working in Axioo has been her one and only dream since she graduated from University. The journey to become where she is right now was not easy at all and that is why I decided to feature her in this month’s “Get To Know” section. We met at a restaurant after church, and started to the interview over a plate of pizza and desserts. One funny similarity that we share is that we are both an unstoppable munching machine. When we see foods on the table, we don’t even care to ask who owns it, we’re just gonna grab it and start munching!

The Perks Of Being Twenty Life Inspiring Aveline Gunawan Baby Axioo Baby Photographer Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Travel Foods Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 04

TPOB20: Who is Aveline Gunawan in your own eyes?
Ave: Aveline Gunawan is a clumsy girl from Surabaya. A girl who looks very elegant on Instagram, but actually a clown who can’t stop munching, and loves to listen to Greenday.

TPOB20: What do you do?
Ave: I’m a photographer in Baby Axioo, so I’m mostly busy doing photoshoot probably about seven different clients in a week, while at the same time juggling my wedding preparation.

TPOB20: How did you get into this industry?
Ave: I’ve been introduced to photography since I was a kid. Probably because my Dad was also quite passionate in photography. I remember him taking photos of me and my two sisters with his vintage camera, and also recorded our silly actions with a handy cam.

But, it was not until senior high that I finally considered to explore photography. When I was still a little girl, I wanted to be a bank teller because I thought I’d have a lot of money, not knowing that it’s actually other people’s money hahaha… And then I also wanted to be a comic illustrator because I like drawing. When I was in Middle High I wanted to be a part of Emo Band, mainly because of Greenday.

Until one day, I had this Motorolla phone that came with a camera. It became my first camera, and that’s how it all began. I moved to Melbourne for my bachelor degree in Communication Design. One day, a friend of mine asked me to take photos of their kid. That’s when I had the opportunity to build my portfolio.

After college, I went back for good to Surabaya and decided to focus more on photography. I wanted to apply to Axioo but then I didn’t have that much confident in me to actually send out my portfolios. At that moment, it just felt impossible. So I tried applying to other photography services in Surabaya instead, and none of them called me back. I was so devastated, feeling so incompetent. How could I apply for the big giant like Axioo, if no one in Surabaya wanted to hire me.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Life Inspiring Aveline Gunawan Baby Axioo Baby Photographer Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Travel Foods Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 01

Photo courtesy of Aveline Gunawan and Baby Axioo

One day, my ex’s sister was having a pre-wedding photo shoot in Bogor with Axioo. Usually, there will be one photographer with one stylist handling the photo shoot. But, that day, I believe it’s not a coincidence, the stylist wasn’t available to come so the owner herself (which happens to be my current boss) came all the way from Jakarta to handle the photoshoot. It’s a very rare situation, probably even the first and the last time ever. Anyway, that’s when I first met Fen Soong. The owner of my dream company. Of course, she knew nothing about me. We rarely even speak during the photo shoot I guess.

Fast forward two weeks later, Fen left a comment on my Instagram’s post, saying that she would love to meet and have a talk with me. Apparently, she found my Instagram through some sort of Instagram baby account, which featured my portfolio.

One month later, in September 2013, I went to Jakarta and arranged a meeting with Fen. She asked me to be a photographer for Baby Axioo. That was really mind blowing, because I’m fine being a photographer’s assistant as a starter. I was so flattered yet quite nervous at that time. She asked me to think about the offer. And so I moved to Jakarta and started to work for Baby Axioo since October 2013.

I realized that it’s totally God’s grace. Fen and I were a complete stranger, yet somehow we crossed paths. I crossed path not with some random business owner, but with the one particular business owner that I’ve been adoring.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Life Inspiring Aveline Gunawan Baby Axioo Baby Photographer Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Travel Foods Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 02

Photo courtesy of Aveline Gunawan and Baby Axioo

TPOB20: Why Axioo? And, why Baby Axioo?
Apart from the fact that Axioo has such great name and portfolio, it just seems fun to work in Axioo. The team looks very solid. Apparently, when I joined, everything that I could imagine about working in Axioo is true! I got paid for having fun doing what I love to do, I gained not only good friends, but also a new family.

Why Baby Axioo? Hmmm.. I just love kids. When my sisters and I were kids, the two of them preferred to go to our cousins’ house to play saloon and other girly toys. Me? I preferred to go to my other cousin who was still a baby and play with her.

TPOB20: What are your work values that brought you to where you are right now?
Integrity. I believe that every client has to get the same treatment, the best of me. I can’t play favorites because they pay the same price. Second to integrity would be innovative I guess. I always come up with new ideas for photoshoot, thanks to Pinterest and a lot of brainstorming session with the fashion stylist. Or, sometimes I could get ideas simply by reading magazines, traveling, or looking at a window display.

TPOB20: What kind of thing disturbs or angers you the most?
Ave: I cannot tolerate a fake and sneaky person who always has a hidden agenda for his/her own benefit. I really despise people who act nicely in front of people yet talk bad about them behind their back. I value people who are sincere and kind-hearted.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Life Inspiring Aveline Gunawan Baby Axioo Baby Photographer Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Travel Foods Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 03

TPOB20: What kind of activity do you do to refuel your creative tanks?
Ave: Mostly traveling. Or, taking a time off for a while.

TPOB20: What is the most interesting thing about being a baby photographer?
I got to meet new people everytime I have a photoshoot. Mostly are Instagram mommies with very cute and adorable babies or toddlers. I love hearing their stories and their insights about being a Mom.

TPOB20: What is the most challenging thing about your job?
Ave: When the baby doesn’t cooperate. But, what would be like the MOST challenging is when both the baby and the parents don’t cooperate.

TPOB20: What was the biggest struggle in your 20s? What made you kept going?
I’m a sucker for lover. Thank God I now have a fiance. But few years ago, I could overthink and worry a lot about my love life. As a competitive person, I often compare my life with other and the seeds of jealousy could cripple me. I always want to be better than others and completely forget that the real battle is not against others but against my own self. I learned over time to put aside all the negative thoughts and choose to focus on being the best in what I do. The blessing that is meant for you will always be meant for you. God has designed everything and put each person’s blessing according to their capacity. That thought somehow managed to keep me going everytime I stumble.

At this point I got so distracted by some pizza crumbles that got stuck on her hair. That’s how much she fancies eating. (Don’t worry Ave, you still have time to diet and you’ll fit well in your wedding dress!)

The Perks Of Being Twenty Life Inspiring Aveline Gunawan Baby Axioo Baby Photographer Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Travel Foods Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 05

Photo courtesy of Aveline Gunawan and Baby Axioo

TPOB20: What is your biggest dream that you haven’t achieved until today?
Ave: Uhm.. probably being a vessel of blessing to others, like creating a job opportunity for other people so they can support their family, pay the bills, etc. I strongly believe that’s what God wants me to do next.

TPOB20: Who is your inspiration?
My boss, Fen. She is very genuine and caring towards people. She would go the extra mile to make her ideas come to life. She values and appreciates relationship and really take a good care of her employees.

TPOB20: Lastly, what are the perks of being 20 to you?
It’s the season where you can explore a lot of things, or should I say every thing that your heart desires, without being worried because you still don’t have any responsibility towards your own family. You are not yet married and still don’t have kids. Your old days seem far away. You are all fresh and healthy to do the things that you love to do.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Life Inspiring Aveline Gunawan Baby Axioo Baby Photographer Jakarta Indonesia Lifestyle Travel Foods Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 06

Hopefully her story would inspire you to never give up praying on what you want and pursue your dream until it comes to life.

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

The Done List!

I used to be in love with my to-do list, but it turned into a toxic relationship pretty quickly. I was Gretchen Wieners, and the list was Regina George. Have you ever felt personally victimized by your own to-do list?


To-do lists aren’t bad. Goal-setting has been a major practice in my life since age 15, thanks to my mom. With these grand visions and projects set for various aspects of my life, chipping away at it bit by bit helped me maintain my sanity.

This still wasn’t enough. When I started university 3 years ago, my inner Type A evolved into a monster. I developed a phobia of wasting time, an obsessive dependence on Google Calendars, and micro-managed every detail of my life across multiple Trello boards and to-do lists.

The problem with to-do lists is that they never truly end. Even after you cross off that last item and breathe a sigh of relief, there’s always something you can add – another task, goal, project, dream.


the perks of being twenty rachel saputro henry gerson gerson henry lifestyle foodies travel 03
In my busiest seasons, I would beat myself up for not being as productive as I hoped. My day revolved around my work/school to-do list, with no flexibility for relationships, health and personal growth. What I did was never enough.

Summer 2016 was hectic season for me. I had just returned from a semester abroad in Tel Aviv, and dove straight into an internship in the Indonesian film industry. I didn’t have a 9 to 5 routine due to the nature of my job, and it was hard to face my to-do list. The list was a tangible reminder of how behind I was on my goals.

It just so happened that I was reading John Maxwell’s Laws of Growth, which was on my reading list that summer. Maxwell stressed the importance of evaluated experience. Experience may be a good teacher, but evaluated experience is a true accelerator of growth. Not only does this allow you to assess areas that need improvement, but it also allows you to celebrate progress.


On August 14, 2016, I created the template for my very first weekly Done List. There are plenty of apps and tools that can help you create your own, but mine looks a little something like this:

One of the things I love about this format is that I can visually evaluate aspects of my life that were neglected throughout the week. Let’s say I had midterms all week. The “Academics” column would be full of bullets recording my study time. On the other hand, the “Health” column may need a little love because I had traded the gym for late nights in the library.

These categories are pretty straightforward. In “Tasks”, I’ll usually jot down errands, calls and miscellaneous chores that still deserve to be recognized. Under the “Relationships” column, I’m reminded that time spent with family or friends is an opportunity to add value to the person. Using to-do lists, I used to see hanging out with friends as a distraction. With a Done List, relationships are represented as an integral part of my balanced life.

I’m still in my early 20s (just turned 21 a few days ago!), and want to achieve my dreams without burning out. For me, I’ve found that a to-do list is simply not sustainable. It’s not only important, but absolutely crucial to celebrate the small wins. Give yourself a pat on the back, and be grateful for how far you’ve come. Acknowledge growth, and reward progress. This is the only way you can continue to sprint towards that finish line.

Whether you’re building a startup, leading a team at work, or still pursuing your degree – don’t be personally victimized by your own to-do list. Give the Done List a try.

the perks of being twenty rachel saputro henry gerson gerson henry lifestyle foodies travel 02

Signing off (and adding this to my Done List!) ,

Rae. (@raesaputro)




Price of Passion.

I still vividly remember my parents’ disappointed face when I told them I wanted to pursue my passion in writing for my college major instead of business major.

It was not a pretty sight.

The loneliness of being the only Asian among Australians in the class because Art degree, let alone Creative Writing major, was far from popular among my peers. Oh the frustration, when I had to quit my writing job in a magazine that I actually loved doing because the paycheque was far from ideal and had to look for other career opportunity instead.

I buried my writing dream since then for five years, as I started to work purely for good money by running my own business in fashion.

I thought I was fine living with a dead dream.

Until not too long ago I found myself completely, utterly, broken.
I was hopeless.  I was helpless.
My soul was weary.
The future is nothing but a fog.
Unfathomable dead of night that this small mind failed to comprehend.

Pursuing a passion has its price to pay.

As for me, it was depression.
Not the “OMG my boyfriend broke up with me, I feel sooo depressed” kind, but diagnosed-by-psychiatrist-and-she-prescribed-me-with-an anti-depressants-so-I-won’t-turn-suicidal-kind.

There were days when I had to swallow that tiny pill just to give me the strength, to get me out of the bed and go to work. When I woke up I wished the day would end already, so tomorrow will come and I will finally be done feeling this empty.

In that state of mind, I kept telling the universe,

“I know I’m not a child anymore and I need to grow up,
but don’t make me a dreamer if you’re just gonna crush it with harsh reality.”

I was artistically heart broken, because the creator in me wasn’t able to create.
I had some success in my business, but I was far from being genuinely happy.
People who just knew me recently, would never know the wordsmith side of me.
Because I never show them.

Now more than ever, the world tells you to pursue your passion.
“Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life,” they said.

But guess what, you actually have to.

Maybe your true passion isn’t making a lot of money, but the bill needs to be paid.
Last time I checked, groceries can’t be exchanged by passion nor big dreams.
Traveling and taking Insta-worthy pictures costs you.

Pursuing a passion is hard work.

Working your arse off day and night, doing everything you can, chasing every opportunities like you chase the wind, while waiting, for that door to finally come bursting open, for your teenage dream to finally come true, it can get mind-numbingly discouraging.

But after being molded for so long in darkness, imprisoned by the uncertainty, when the time is right, the light in you will shine bright.

If you prove yourself to be FAITHFUL in LOVING what you were entrusted to DO, even if it wasn’t the ideal job that you had in mind growing up, soon enough the universe will reward you with

the right people, 
right place, 
right time,

and you will be able to DO what you LOVE.

Start with a small step.
Start with what you currently have in your hands.
Dare to hope again.
Dare to feel again.
If you’re like me, dare to write again.

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Dream on my dearest,

S. (@sashatjie)



An Interview With Greys Polii: The Admirable Story of Pursuing Passion with Perseverance.

The girl who will be leaving 20something season in the next few weeks have been a friend of mine probably since 2009 or 2010. Sharing the same pride of being heirs of Minahasan (one of the tribes in Indonesia, located in North Sulawesi) blood, was one of the things that made our friendship flows quite naturally.

Greys Polii (Gel) has always been kind-hearted, easy going and very humble person, even though she was already a star in the national sports field, when we first became friends. From the first hang out to following each other on Twitter, and even until she finally won her first Gold Medal and ranked Number 2 in the Badminton Women’s Doubles World Rank, Gel remains as humble as ever. Nothing has changed except now that she is more mature and wise in handling challenges. That is why I decided to feature her and get some worth-sharing insights that hopefully could enrich your twenty-something journey.

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TPOB20: Who is Greys Polii in your own eyes?
Greys Polii career-wise she is a very ambitious and strong-willed woman who will give 200% focus and energy to make sure she got what she wants. But at the same time, she knows when and how to rest. For her, working and resting  must go hand-in-hand. In daily life, she’s a very sociable person, easy to make new friends and have high level of curiosity. She loves to learn from other people’s stories.

TPOB20: The question “What do you do” would be irrelevant to you, as most people, especially Indonesians must have heard about your astonishing achievements in Badminton. So, why don’t you share the story of how did you get into this career path.
Haha.. yea, there’s nothing interesting about “What I do” because I spend my days practicing and traveling for championship. I don’t have much time flexibility to do anything else outside of badminton. I’ve spent my whole life living at the dormitory with other badminton athletes, and only got to meet my family and friends during weekend or holiday.

I started playing badminton since I was only a 5-year-old kid. My mom, who was a tennis player, started to introduce me to both sports, but then I loved badminton more than tennis. We even moved from Manado (the capital city of North Sulawesi) to Jakarta when I was 8 to join a club. I remember she challenged the 8-year-old me whether I want to be a badminton player or not, if yes then we have to move to Jakarta so that I can get more serious in preparing myself to be an athlete.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Greysia Polii Badminton Athlete Indonesia Gold Medal Olympic Jakarta Inspiring People Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 09

Three years later, when I was 11, I decided to get more serious in badminton and started to live in the dormitory. It was a total game-changer for me when I got separated from my Mom, which forced me to grow up independently. For me it was like the real moment where I said to myself, “This is it…” When I was 14, I started to wonder about my true calling and purpose. I realized that my life and talent is not only about being a world champion, but there’s gotta be something bigger, which is to be the best at what I do in order to inspire and bless other people.

At that moment I also had to choose which category (Singles, Doubles, or Mixed Doubles) of badminton that I want to focus on. Everyone I know (friends, family, coach) encouraged me to play in Singles or Mixed Doubles category, yet I was so convinced that I’m meant for Women’s Doubles category. When I told them that I chose to focus on Women’s Doubles, they considered my decision as foolish because Indonesia’s Women’s Doubles team haven’t won anything. China have been dominating the Women’s Doubles category for 20 to 30 years. It would be a lot easier and faster for me to become successful to play at Singles or Mixed Doubles. Although everyone I know was against my decision, I decided to continue and believed that I could make a history in this particular category.

TPOB20: How did it go? Did you ever change your mind or regret your decision?
Gel: Although the process and journey was really tough and challenging, I had never regretted or changed my mind about it.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Greysia Polii Badminton Athlete Indonesia Gold Medal Olympic Jakarta Inspiring People Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 07

TPOB20: Tell us more about it. What was your biggest challenge, or your lowest point in pursuing your dream?
Well, 2012 was the lowest point in my life. I was 25 at that time. After 11 years of working hard and longing for a breakthrough, which is to be the first in Women’s Doubles, life decided to turn its back on me. I was disqualified at the Olympic Games for something that my partner and I didn’t do. We were accused of playing dirty in the Olympic Games and the saddest part was that we had to submit to the International Olympic Committee. The government apologized to us for not being able to help us out of the situation despite of the fact that we were not guilty. The IOC insisted that we had to bear the consequences otherwise Indonesia, particularly Badminton won’t be included in the next Olympic Games.

It was an utterly devastating experience. I felt like I’ve climbed way too high for 11 years only to be dragged down and hit the solid bottom. Somehow I lost focus and felt like the dream that I’ve been pursuing with high hopes and perseverance was totally unreachable. As disappointed as it was, I decided to quickly move on. I refused to give up and lose hope, and kept on trying until the promotion finally came in 2014, which has changed my life forever. Together with my partner, Nitya Krishinda Maheswari, won the Gold Medal at Asian Games in Korea, and we ranked number two in World Women’s Double.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Greysia Polii Badminton Athlete Indonesia Gold Medal Olympic Jakarta Inspiring People Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 04

TPOB20: What are your work values that brought you here?
Gel: Perseverance and strong determination. I’ve made so many mistakes, but that shouldn’t stop me from getting back up every time I stumbled.

TPOB20: What kind of thing disturbs or angers you the most?
Gel: Dishonesty. Every one has a problem and past that they have to deal with, but as humans we need to learn how to be bold. Once we live freely in the open, being honest and transparent about our lives we gain freedom. Fear could not conquer us. People who are dishonest can’t enjoy a free live, because fear will sooner or later haunt them.

TPOB20: What kind of activity do you do to refuel your creative tanks?
Uhmm.. I do a lot of stuff in my spare time because I have high level of curiosity so I keep wanting to try new things: reading books, learning how to play a guitar, keyboards, taking a diving lesson, mount climbing, learning about public speaking, and other languages like English and Mandarin.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Greysia Polii Badminton Athlete Indonesia Gold Medal Olympic Jakarta Inspiring People Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 08

TPOB20: What would you do when you stop playing badminton? 
Gel: Being an athlete in Indonesia is not easy. Even though we have sacrificed and gave everything for our country, once we stop our duty we are on our own. We need to plan for our lives if we want to live a life with financial freedom once we retired. That’s where I want to involve myself in after retirement. I want to help educate the next generation of athletes how crucial it is for them to manage their income, to challenge their way of thinking so that they could plan ahead, and not only live for the moment.

TPOB20: Now that you have won a gold medal, what would be your next big dream to pursue?
Gel: Definitely winning gold medal on a higher level, for example at the Olympic and becoming a world champion. Or, perhaps getting the first rank, because currently my partner and I are in number 2 of world rank.

TPOB20: Lastly, now that you are about to leave 20s, what is the perks of being 20 to you?
Gel: Hmm.. what we do in our twenties will affect our lives in our thirties. What we do in our thirties will affect us in our forties. And so on… That’s why it’s important for us not to live carelessly, because what we do today will determine the quality of our lives in the next season. I’m grateful that I have found my purpose and passion long way before I hit 20. By discovering my purpose, I now have a fulfilled life and clear direction of where I’m going.

The Perks Of Being Twenty Greysia Polii Badminton Athlete Indonesia Gold Medal Olympic Jakarta Inspiring People Henry Gerson Gerson Henry 05

She closed our conversation with a simple encouragement for you who is on the run of pursuing your passion, particularly in sports: “Give the best of you in every thing that you do, especially in sports. Give 1000% focus and energy. Don’t pursue your passion and dreams half-heartedly because you will never be able to achieve it.”

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)