Postcards From Labuan Bajo: A Birthday Trip With Travel Society!

I still remember last year strolling around several Instagram accounts, hoppin from one photo to another, and stumblin upon many photos of the beautiful Labuan Bajo. That was when I decided to intentionally find more infos on how to travel to this part of Indonesia. Particularly as I was craving for a good holiday day […]

Enjoying The Island Life at Kanawa and Angel Island with Travel Society

The sun was scorching hot and it seemed like there was not a single breeze to be found. The urge to jump into the war was strong. It was our last day living on board. The whole trip with Travel Society had been remarkably fun and adventurous. We were only hours away before going back […]

Sunset On A Hill, Exploring Gili Lawa Darat with Travel Society

It’s been a while I know. Not gonna blame my busy schedules this time, because in the past, no matter how busy I was, I would still manage to find time to write something. So what’s the excuse now? Nothin. I think I simply lost the excitement and passion in crafting a worth-reading post for […]

Taka Makassar: Swimming In A Private Pool With Travel Society

At first, I was confused when the tour guide from Travel Society told me that the next spot on our itinerary was Taka Makassar. The only Makassar I know is located in South Sulawesi, which is still far up to the north side of Labuan Bajo. Are they the same thing? Apparently not. This one […]


As most of you (might) have noticed, I’ve been posting a series of my first encounter with the “oh-so-amazing” Labuan Bajo with Travel Society. What do you think so far? A lot of my friends and Instagram’s followers kept on giving me the same respond, which either: “I literally want to visit Labuan Bajo soon […]

Sunrise Watching From The Top Of Padar Island with Travel Society

March has been so fun for me as it’s filled with plenty of traveling. I started out this month in Bali for a friend wedding. Few weeks later, I’m drafting this post from Juanda Airport, Surabaya (again, for a friend wedding.). And next week, guess what.. I’ll be flying back to Labuan Bajo for office […]

Meeting The Dragon Clan at Rinca Island with Travel Society

Although I was born and raised in this county, and have Indonesian written as my nationality on my passport, I’ve never traveled and explored this beautiful country, at least not until two years ago. The idea of traveling and spending a great holiday was always filled with images of going overseas, or at least, to […]

Trekking at Kelor Island and Snorkeling at Manjarite with Travel Society!

Before I started babbling about how beautiful Labuan Bajo is, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts lately because my workload have been crazy for the past month. Finding time to actually blog was a rarity for me, even up until now. But here I am trying to fill you up on what’s […]

First Time Living On Board For 3 Days With Travel Society

How do I survive Jakarta’s crazy hustle? By constantly trying something new every now and then. I remember this urge of keeping myself from insanity of living in concrete Jungle like this started to pop out last year. From then, I (seem to) subconsciously walked into the path of exploring this and that. For example, […]