Gondos Kitchen in Jakarta: A Bite on a Heaven Sent Burger From Sydney

Although I am not a huge fan of burgers, I couldn’t resist the urge to give this burger a bite. Especially since a lot of my friends were talking about it so much. In case you haven’t heard, I am talking about Gondo’s Kitchen.

Based in Sydney, Gondo’s Kitchen offers a pop up dining concept with varieties of food and cakes to try! You can check out their website and see that Stephani Gondo, the founder of Gondos Kitchen, is a passionate foodie.

With all of that on the table, I was quite excited to hear that Gondos Kitchen is having a pop up dining concept in Neo Soho’s Common Grounds in Jakarta. After a short drive on a lazy Sunday, I managed to find a seat with some friends and ordered one of Gondos Kitchen’s signature meal: #proprburgr.


Simple yet unforgettable lunch: burgers and fries topped with fried pork skin.

With 100k, you can order a signature burger by Gondos Kitchen. If that is not enough filling for you, extra patty and bacon are offered from 10k to 30k. Since I was splitting the burger with my girlfriend, we decided to order the combo, which includes french fries topped with crispy pork skin. Yes, you read it right. I honestly thought the combination of pork and fries were brilliant!


Extra bacon on top of the cheese covered patty.


Fries and crispy pork skin.

The taste was incredible and I can vouch that the price wasn’t overrated. The claim that this burger is a proper one is indeed true. After a few bites, I wished that I ordered an extra patty and more crispy pork skin. I couldn’t stop munching on the fries and I believe tension rose up as my girlfriend and I fought for the last piece of fries.

I really wished we had more menus to try, but Stephanie Gondo only brought this burger recipe this time. Will we have more dishes in Jakarta from Gondos Kitchen? Probably one day. Perhaps, the best thing we can do right now is to check out @gondoskitchen on Instagram and spam her with death threats (or nice wishes) to bring Gondos Kitchen back to Jakarta.


Stephani Gondo, the lady behind the Gondos Kitchen.

Keep exploring,

DR. (@demasryan)


PS: Since we are talking about Sydney, don’t miss out some posts from Sydney on this blog. HG took some decent postcards that you can check out right here. For more of beaches, check out my blog right here.

Photo 7-2-17, 10 02 54 PM

I didn’t have a death wish. Don’t worry.


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