Postcard from Beijing: People Are All the Same

After a day of strolling around Beijing’s street market, I came back to my apartment only to find my phone being filled with a ridiculous 2 years prison sentence for Ahok, a Christian governor in Indonesia, the most muslim populated country in the world, for an act of blasphemy. I am a firm believer that religion is not the main topic, but power play is. Ahok has been known for his honesty and performance against corruption that the corrupted rich are panicking over future illegal assets and income. Since power was at stake, religion and ethnicity differences was used as the weapon, thus the people were manipulated and made against each other.

To me, the solution is too simple to be true: people need to travel more often.

Those who don’t travel think that the neighbourhood is the entire world. As much as they can google and search about the other side of the world, the experience is a much different thing.

People are all the same and we will only understand this concept if we meet different people from all over the world. Race and religion differences are not something to be quarrelled about, it is something to be appreciated and accepted.

So I won’t ever be tired of encouraging people to see the world. It is the kind of education that people need and it is as important as a doctoral degree in a top university.  Even those with degrees can have zero tolerance towards people when it comes to money.

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 2

People rushing towards Tian An Men.

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 1

You will see these policemen standing straight for hours in the capital city of China.

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 5

Cleaning the temples.

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 6

The Forbidden City is not a bad place for millennials to hangout.

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 8

3 hours walk and my parents’ feet gave up. It dawned on me that seeing the world is best executed as young as possible.

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 4
I want to grow as healthy looking as this old men. 
beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 12

Wangfujing Street Market.

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 7

If you are ever in Beijing, Nanluoguxiang is a must visit!

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 13

A book shop on the street of Nanluoguxiang.

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 14

Pretty dress, pretty flowers.


If everything made in China easily breaks, why has the Great Wall stood for more than 2,000 years?

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 11

Gubei, the water town.

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 10

Such a scenic town for the tourists.

beijing-photography-people-china-postcard-street-photography-by-demas-ryan-travel-blog 9

These two lovebirds rubbing it all on my face.


Good bye Beijing!

Keep exploring,

DR. (@demasryan)


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