Thank You 2016

It seemed like it was just yesterday when we both agreed to start this blog together. Offering new perspectives about living your twentysomething season through variety of lifestyle that have been featured here for the past 12 months. Late night discussion and weekend hustle were only few examples of the price we pay to consistently come up with new content for this website, every single week. We do hope you’ve been enjoying what we’ve presented to the table all this time.

Now, as a closing to this wonderful year, we’re going to share some precious lessons we’ve gained throughout this year.


People matter. If there is one thing that I learned this year is that people matter. This world will be a much better place to live in if we could just choose to be friends with anyone, seeing them as valuable despite of their background stories. Yes, sometimes it would get tiring or draining to deal with people, because relationship is messy.

As much as I want to start inspire and bless those who are in needs, I kept on reminding myself that I should at least, firstly, be inspiring and blessing to those who are close to me. Spreading the positive influence is the least I can do in order to start making a real impact to the world. The younger me tend to take people for granted. The younger me tend to use people as just another tool to climb the social ladder.

This year, I learned that if I want to go further in life, I shall start appreciating and nurturing the relationship that God has put into my hands. Any form of relationship can turn flat once familiarity kicks in. I am a work in progress in this area. I have decided to continually push myself to look at people beyond their flaws and imperfection. I have committed myself to get my heart enlarged in accepting people. I have determined to give without expecting anything in return.


To persevere is what I have learned this year. That is what makes human different than machines. Machines operate until they run out of energy, let it be fuel or electricity. They do not have the ability to persevere, unlike human. Even though we run out of sources, our will to live and to create surpasses our lack of ability and sources. On top of those things, dreams and the belief of creating meaning in life pushes us to create even beyond 24/7.

2016 has been nothing but challenging. At times, I find myself operating on nothing but dreams, hope and faith. I can’t say that I am ending this year where I want to be, but I can say that I will continue dreaming, hoping and having faith for 2017.

Since we live and breathe in the hope of getting closer to our dreams everyday, I urge everyone of us to expect more challenges in 2017. For only outside of our comfort zone, we grow.



Anyways, thank you for 2016! We’re excited for 2017 with all the surprises that it has in store. To end this post, here’s a little throwback of what we’ve done so far in 2016.

Keep exploring and we’ll write to you next year!


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