Get Lost, Bring Home Photos – A Postcard from Central Java

One of the thing that makes travel fun is photography. What started as a hobby is now something that I take very seriously. I wouldn’t want to travel without having a camera in my hand. It takes the fun away. Sometimes people told me that photography takes away the full enjoyment of traveling, but it could also be the other way around, right?

Jumping back to November when it was only a week to my 24th birthday. I was bored in Jakarta, waiting for my graduation while I had nothing much to do in the past few weeks. That was until I decided to take a sudden trip to Central Java that was only planned a few days before.

My mission? Take a buttload of photos!

After a total of 2 trains, 6 buses, 1 motorcycle ride and a few hitchhiking, I finally had my mission completed!


From an antique shop in Semarang.


Lawang Sewu wasn’t that creepy at daytime.


4 AM, Prau summit. She was probably texting mom.


Sunset view from 2565 MASL.


Although it was the same sun that I see every morning, looking at it from Prau totally gave a different feel.


Teletubbies hils.


While I was walking down from the summit, locals were spotted working hard as early as 7 AM.


Locals walking up to their work field.


Telaga Warna, definitely a must visit in Dieng!


When nobody’s there to take photos for you, think of ways to use the self timer feature.


Leaving Dieng, heading to Wonosobo. What’s there in Wonosobo? Tasty Mie Ongklok!


I met this fisherman at Rawa Pening. He was quite a joker.


A fisherman fixing his nets.


Trying to make a living. I don’t think the cigarette is helping, though.


Please don’t fall off.


Taken at a train museum in Ambarawa.

From those 5 days, I took photos from Purwokerto, Wonosobo, Dieng, Prau, Ambarawa and finally Semarang. I could never forget the thrill of running in the rain, riding bikes and falling off a tree for the sake of good photos! That trip made me feel very much alive again! Well, I bet every trip is only worth it if we come back fresher than ever.

What about you? What adventure awaits you this coming holiday season?

PS: You can see more photos from Central Java in a piece that I wrote about Dieng. More to come in the upcoming weeks!

Keep exploring,

DR. (@demasryan)



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