A Table Full of Vietnamese Delight at NamNam!

Food has this certain ability to bring back particular memory and take you to places you’ve visited in the past. But, what’s even more fascinating is that sometimes it can also connect you to places you’ve never put your foot on!

For example, people can claim how much of a Sashimi freak they are even if they have never visited Japan. It’s okay to constantly crave for Kimchi and Samgyeopsal even if you’ve never been to Korea. And through a bite of Taco, you’ll get a glimpse of Mexico without wanting to actually go there.

Now, there’s one more thing food can do to you – that I might have forgotten to mention above. It will inspire you to go to the place where its originally made. Just like me, after a tasteful dinner at NamNam Noodle Bar, Plaza Indonesia, now I’m all curious to experience a bowl of Pho and a bite of Banh Mi, right from the street of Vietnam.



NamNam Noodle Bar is not a new player in Jakarta’s food and beverage industry. This casual quick-service noodle bar opened their first outlet last year in PIK and has been expanding ever since. Now, they have three more outlets located in Senayan City, Gandaria City and Plaza Indonesia.

Founded by a Vietnam-born, Chef Nam, this noodle bar offers variety of Vietnamese street food dishes repackaged in a modern twist. After gaining success and constantly making long queues in the heart of Singapore, Chef Nam decided to expand his business to Indonesia and Manila.

Few weeks ago, DR & I, were invited to their Plaza Indonesia outlet to taste some of their best meals, which are fresh and healthy without Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).


A table full of Vietnamese delight just for the two of us!

Imagine visiting your grandmother’s house during holiday where she keeps on cooking plates of delicious meals and won’t let you leave the table until you finish them all. That was what happened to us! NamNam spoiled us a little bit too much by giving us some of their big portion meals that could normally serve 4 to 5 people. At first, we were confused on how to finish all of them. But, we ended up cleaning all those plates.

As warm ups, they served Fresh Southern Rolls with Prawn, Fresh Herbs and Peanut Sauce, which we forgot to capture since we got too excited to give it a try. After the fresh rolls, they also let us try the Crispy Imperial Rolls. The coating was very crispy, yet the filling was tastefully moist. Another round of appetizers before they let us got into the main course was a plate of their super fresh Tangy Mango Salad!


Crispy Imperial Rolls.


Tangy Mango Salad with Prawns, Chicken, Fresh Herbs and Peanuts

Next on the list was a bowl of comfort that is perfect for these rainy days, Hanoi Pho Australian Oxtail with Beef Balls. I was never really a soup-foodie, but this one caught my attention the moment I sipped its rich-flavoured broth. Apparently, the broth was boiled over 24 hours to bring out the flavour. The oxtail was to die for as it was very tender and juicy!

If you’re not really into soupy-food, they have variety of Dry Noodles, which are also very authentic in flavour. Quang Style Egg Noodle (served with chicken, prawns, fried prawn wontons and peanuts as topping) was what we picked from the menu. It won’t be a complete Vietnamese dining experience without a plate of Banh Mi. Our pick went to the Marinated Australian Wagyu Beef with Braised Mushrooms, which was definitely one of the reasons for me to come back. The wagyu beef was tender and indescribably tasteful!


Pho Australian Oxtail & Beef Balls



Quang Style Egg Noodle


Marinated Australian Wagyu Beef with Braised Mushrooms

To accompany our feast, I ordered a Lychee-pandan iced tea, while DR went for their iced Viet black coffee as he was needing a strong kick of caffeine. Although our tummies were already full by the time we finished our main courses, NamNam insisted us to try their desserts. So, we ordered a glass of their Chilled 3 Colour Desserts, which was very refreshing.



That was one intense Sunday night for our tastebuds and tummies. We even left with some takeaways. Thank you NamNam Noodle Bar for having us! If you’re craving for an authentic Vietnamese cuisines, NamNam is definitely your go-to place!

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)


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