A Day Well Spent at the Off The Wall Urban Art Exhibition

After a full week of hosting the SEAZA Conference, I was feeling very refreshed. Apparently, a week of staying in a nice hotel was more than a nice getaway for me. As I was enjoying Bogor, I was very much enthusiastic for my trip to Timika, Papua. I can say that November is definitely an exciting month!

As exciting as they are, I have responsibilities to maintain my creativity. As someone who gets money from his hustles in the creative industry, I am responsible to keep myself inspired at all times. Trust me, once you see travel as work, even traveling to an exotic beach can also be a burden.

That’s why, in between my travels, I try as much as possible to keep myself creatively fed in a concrete jungle like Jakarta. I think that’s the only way that works for me to survive Jakarta. Since traffic is bad and work is so repetitive,  the progressive me have to switch work schedules once in a while to stop myself from being uninspired. That’s why I love art exhibitions and decided to visit Off the Wall urban art exhibition at D’ Gallerie.


Hello there!


Off the Wall Jakarta is an urban contemporary art exhibition that showcases work of 10 street artists from France and Indonesia.  Not only exhibition, they were also invited to collaborate and create street arts in the walls of Jakarta, including museums, galleries, schools and even hotels!

HG and I chose to visit D’ Gallerie, one of the exhibition locations that is very close to my place. The exhibition goes on from the 3rd of November till the 4th of December. You still have lots of time to visit D’ Gallerie until the exhibition ends. Here are some of the artworks that you can enjoy with some photo spots for you to consider for your IG feed.





Guilty Pleasures

You can find some of my favourite artworks from Off the Wall in this post, but my favourite is called “Guilty Pleasures”. Scroll up again, you will definitely know what the artist is trying to portray.

The gallery was very much an instagrammable spot. Since it was quite empty at night, we took time to explore every corner. I was wearing an off-white cardigan, over a black t-shirt accompanied by dark blue jeans and my all time favourite brown red wing boots. It was definitely a right choice of outfit for an art exhibition. The cardigan and the boots gave a formal casual look. The right choice of outer and shoes can really boost a serious look. Take HG’s outfit for another example. He was wearing a navy blazer over a plain grey t-shirt for a formal casual look. HG was also constantly showing his playful-patterned socks, which has been his signature look for the past few months. The cap helped toning down the blazer, giving him a casual but orderly look.




All in all, visiting Off the Wall was a great after office activity. Not forgetting to mention that D’Gallerie provides a cozy and relatively cheap cafe inside the building. Coffee costs less than 30k and the place is very much spacious.

So there you have it! A weekend activity that includes artwork delights, photo opps and a nice cup of coffee. Off the Wall is definitely a must visit!


Pretty much how I felt after a day well spent!

Keep exploring,

DR. (@demasryan)


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