Something About the President’s Bomber Jacket!

Isn’t it funny how sometimes we, Indonesians, could make things viral through memes and social media?

Last weekend, Jakarta was at the edge of having another riot, which successfully made most of us feeling unsafe and worried. Most businesses decided to close their offices and let their employees home for safety reasons. Well, I wasn’t complaining as I finally had the much-needed rest I’ve been longing for since last month.

So I spent my day off celebrating this real TGIF moment by sleeping in, having TV series marathon, editing photos for this particular post, and going to Gelora Bung Karno for my weekly 5K run. Hashtag humble brag. Each of my timeline in several social media platforms were filled with updated news about this massive protest. Some people shared their thoughts, some people shared photos, and MOST people shared funny memes. I decided not to throw any comments, whether the serious ones or the funny ones, at all. At that moment, I honestly thought that a prayer was what this country needed the most. Although, I had to admit scrolling through all the memes were very much entertaining.


Anyways, as the clock was about to hit 5.30 PM, I ordered Uber Motor to take me to Gelora Bung Karno, assuming that the demonstration had already finished and it was finally save to go out. Well, my assumption was kinda right, because the streets were pretty much empty. It was a very rare view on a Friday afternoon indeed!

Fast forward to 7 PM when I was finally back home and had shower. After a refreshing cold shower, I turned the TV on only to find out what started as a peaceful protest had just turned into a riot as late as bedtime story! I couldn’t be more grateful that I was already home because it looked very chaotic out there.

So I turned my tv off and decided to simply start working on this post. But, writer’s block happened.

The riot continued until almost midnight. Everyone was worried. I kept on getting text messages from friends overseas asking about my condition as I live quite near to the riot area. Finally, about 12.05 AM (I know right), our president appeared on TV for a press conference, giving his speech regarding the current situation. I didn’t really pay attention to that as I was so distracted by the outerwear that he wore on TV.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one noticing, because the moment I opened my Path, most friends were already posting funny memes about it. People were making a lot of fuss over – not the speech, interestingly – our president’s bomber jacket! I kind of took pride to the fact that this president that I voted appeared casually fashionable in public.


Thanks to you Mr. Jokowi, I finally have a topic to write!

Last week DR & I bought the so-called must have item of the season. Yeap, and we were accidentally – as always – twinning in our new bombers, baseball caps and Nike kicks, as we attended the soft opening of Onokabe Suki & Grill. What’s even better, we stumbled upon this empty balcony at the 2nd floor of the newly opened restaurant that was perfect for a photo opp.

DR got his black bomber jacket from Pull & Bear, which he wore with a black t-shirt, denim shorts, a pair of Nike Internationalist, and completed with a burgundy-colored cap. As DR decided to go black with bomber, I chose to stay loyal to this navy blue bomber  from Bershka. I wore it with a plain black t-shirt from Uniqlo, a pair of skinny from H&M, a pair of Nike Airmax, and I completed the look with a pale pink (say what, aesthetic generation, haha) cap.







We loved the look as much as RI 1 did. Mr Jokowi, any chance for a OOTD collaboration with us?

This look would be suitable for you if you love to appear casual and simple. Sometimes I’d go with a plain white t-shirt underneath the jacket. But that would be another topic. Yeap, we have another article about plain white tee that we’ll share with you in a few weeks!


Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)


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