Say Hello to Onokabe, A One-Stop-Dining-Junction!

Finally our so called crazily hectic October meets its end today. We decided to really enjoy the weekend by having a fun party with our friends and also saying yes to the invitation that came to our desk from Boga Group.

This particular food and beverages group will be opening their new restaurant this week, Onokabe, an all you can eat suki & grill. After indulging us with their famous brands such as Bakerzin, Pepper Lunch, Kintan Buffet and Shaburi, they offer us a new option to satisfy our cravings for suki & grill!


Welcome to Onokabe!



Obviously, it would be quite a loss for us to say no to their invitation.

Located in Alam Sutera Town Center, BSD, Onokabe restaurants promises a one-stop -dining-junction that offers a yummy culinary experience through more than 100 menu variants. I kid you not, they literally have like everything on the menu!

You could find variety of delicious meats (chicken, beef, fish, squids and prawn) ready to be grilled with plenty of sauce options, plates of seafood, noodles, dumpling and vegetables circling around on a conveyor belt ready to be dipped into the hot pot, any kind of traditional to international desserts, cakes, ice cream, and even pop corn!


Oh hello, you beautiful thing!





What’s even more interesting about Onokabe is that they excellently come up with a well-thought plan to make their customers feel comfortable while queuing. Onokabe has an entertainment area on its 2nd floor, completed with reflexology corner, foos ball, kids playground, and perfected with wifi and complimentary snacks!

Price wise, you can enjoy all of the above with a very reasonable price starting from IDR 85,000.







So there we were, sitting on our table, busy grilling and dipping meats. We certainly don’t mind to have more of this chillaxing and tummy-indulging Sunday!

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)


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