Thanks to Social Media, Empty Seat Is Now A Rarity!

How many of you use more than one social media platform? How many of you spend most of your marginal time to check on your phone? Do you often find yourself scrolling through your social media timeline? If your answers are yes, yes and yes, I would like to say congrats.



For what? For contributing directly or indirectly to the current phenomenon that I mentioned in the title above. Every few months, or even weeks, plenty of new coffee shops start brewing their coffee in almost every corner of this city. Finding a new coffee shop seems a lot easier than finding a potential spouse.

Thanks to social media, making something viral is easy now. Only through a simple share button, information can now be shared to thousands of people. The vast growing coffee shop business, particularly in Jakarta, has been getting the benefits of free marketing campaign through social media.



We have encountered this situation several times. From the opening of Djule, Fillmore and St. Ali. The hype was crazy. The same thing happened to this new hip place, Lucky Cat. Even though this place is open 24 hours every day, finding an empty seat on a Sunday afternoon is still quite a challenge.

Last Sunday, when we arrived at this homey, white-bricked building located at Plaza Festival’s parking lot, there were already some people queuing in the front door waiting for their name to be called. As DR tried to find a parking spot, I hopped off the car first to put my name on the waiting list.



The place was comfortably enticing. The ceiling was high and made out of a see-through glass, letting just enough natural daylight into the room. A grand yet modest wooden-stairs with huge living tree at the center of the room is the new-mainstream spot for an #OOTD photo. The first floor was filled with large-sized wooden-tables, while the second floor was filled with smaller round marbled-tables. Both floors are covered with rugs giving you that Kinfolk-ish cabin.



As much as we would like to stay longer and sit for hours there, we just couldn’t stand an overcrowded place. It didn’t take long until we both agreed to just have our coffee for a take away. DR as always ordered an iced long black, while I, as always preferred a hot flat white.

After getting the photos that we need, we decided to explore the area nearby. And it turned out to be a good decision as we found some spots for a photo opps that we’ll write next week!


Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)


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