A Cafe with the Best Playlist in Jakarta!

What is the most important thing for you to enjoy a cafe? For me it would be:

  1. Music
  2. Ambiance
  3. Coffee

You can give me a Rp 2,000.- coffee sachet and I would enjoy it. However, it would be such a big turn off if you would put me in a room filled with music that I’m not into. With that said, the title of this blog post could be a little biased.

It wouldn’t sound biased to you, old souls, because they were playing Nina Simone and Ray Charles! Let me introduce you to Sleepyhead Coffee!








The interior of this place looks a lot like a living room. To me, it feels very much homey. The exterior looks very comfortable, but I wouldn’t sit outside considering that it is very close to the main street of Gunawarman. Since I was there to work, a quiet environment was important.

Another thing that I look for in a cafe is definitely the wifi. The wifi connection was good enough to stream some Youtube videos which is a huge plus point to Sleepyhead Coffee. There were also plenty of interesting books to read! One of that caught my attention was Quiet by Susan Cain. Have you read it?




Now let me ramble about the playlist. Once I walked in the room, I noticed a set of vinyls next to a modern turntable set. I don’t know much about vinyls, but I know a few things about music from time to time. There were 2 boxes of these vinyls collections and the owner was kind enough to let me listen to them. My first pick was Oasis, but I chose to go with something older like Ray Charles’ The Genius Hits the Road.

Some of the other vinyls were The Beatles, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis and some others I can’t recall. However, Oke, the owner of this cafe had more on his mp3 players and we decided to listen to a little bit of Nina Simone.



Last but not least, I was hooked by their very own Babycino. It was steamed milk with foam added by marshmallows on top. I am still not sure whether they made it only for babies, but I truly enjoyed it.

Sleepyhead Coffee, you deserve a 9/10. I will definitely come back for more of your playlist, babycino and fast wifi connection!


Thank you Eva & Oke!

Keep exploring,

DR. (@demasryan)



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