Switching Sides From Monochrome To Earthy Tones

It has been way too long since the last time we intentionally explore high buildings and empty streets in this city just to take some instagram worthy photos. Do we miss going out randomly and stumbling upon uncommon and hidden places? Heck, yeah!

Both of us have been very occupied with our copy-writing agency, Kata Imaji. Thus, hanging out on weekends became a real luxury for us. Gratefully, the fast lane that we have been living in for the past two months is slowing down in the past two weeks. DR & I found ourselves with more margin time that we can use to watch Gotham, read more books, and hang out with friends on weekend.

When we realized that we finally have more free time even only for just a few weeks, we immediately made a plan to do some photo opps. So we did, last Sunday. And, it was a total fail. The sun was blazing hot we had trouble keeping our eyes open. And, we kinda forgot how to pose. It took us numerous shots to find one good shot. After about an hour we gave up.

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Back to playing daredevils.

Three days later, these two stubborn heads tried to repeat the photo shoot with the help of our good friend, @jozzhtremonti (he helped us with our previous random photoshoot). Wearing the same outfit from last Sunday, we climbed a high building and tried to sit comfortably on the top. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and the wind was unbearable. Out of the many photos we took, we could only use one photo. Again, it was such an awkward session for us. I guess, that’s what happens when you stop doing what you used to do on a weekly basis. Somehow leaning to the wall and lifting one of your legs up became a real challenge. And so we gave up.

Two failed attempts. Apparently, as much as we wanted to have some new photos, we just had to wait.


We didn’t have to wait for too long, because our next opportunity for a photo opp came in the nick of time. On the first day of attending Ideafest 2016, we were accidentally twinning in our earthy-toned chino pants, which also resembled in my t-shirt and socks.

As a matter of fact, I almost wore a black sweatshirt as well. Thank God I didn’t, because otherwise, people would see the cooler version of tweedle dee and tweedle dum roaming around JCC Senayan. Anyways, we quickly agreed to have some photo opps in between sessions.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset




DR & I have been frequently consistent with our monochromatic wardrobes (and sometimes denim), but recently we just got a little bit bored with the idea of wearing only black and white. So we shifted our color choice to something that is more current nowadays.

Earthy tones are trending world wide right now. From high end brands like Burberry and Tom Ford to street style fashion house like Topman and Asos have been releasing their men’s wear in earthy tones. But, I guess Kanye played quite a huge role in this phenomenon with his Yeezy collection.


Make sure you at least have one of these tones in your wardrobe.

Just like our personalities that are actually two different sides of a coin yet created quite a unique and high-valued union, so did our choice of clothes. DR was wearing a sweatshirt to anticipate the rainy season. While I was going comfortably with a plain t-shirt because Jakarta was still kinda hot. During the photoshoot, it was cloudy for one minute then suddenly the sun shined fiercely. So it was a fifty-fifty luck for both of us.

To complete our looks, we both went with white sneakers. Hi-top or low-top, white kicks are just never wrong. If you are on the low-top side like me, here’s a little tip to make your look a head-turner material: make sure to show some socks underneath your pants.



But as much as we would like to inspire you, it would be great if you feel comfortable being in your own skin. Be original. Be authentic. Remember this: whatever it is that you wear (do or say), make sure that you live your life to express, not to impress.


Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

ps: We can’t wait to be back exploring and climbing tall buildings!


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