Happy Belated Birthday, Daphne!

This is probably one of the most heart-touching lesson I’ve learned last month, during our recent trip to Singapore. DR & I had planned to spend all five days exploring some Instagram-material places in the city of Merlion. That was until one of our friends, who happened to be there, invited us to pay a visit to National University Hospital to meet a very inspiring little baby, Daphne (@daphnelainelin).


She has been living in the hospital since the day she was born. Her main problem is a slow motility of the small intestines (the alimentary canal from the end of the stomach to the anus), which causes growing bacteria that leads to an infection in her intestinal tract. According to some articles that her parents have read in the past, some call this case as the “Berdon Syndrom”, while some others call this a CIPO (Chronic-Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction). Either way, there’s no solution to this case. Just yet. That is why she cannot have any meals and has been depending on infused nutrition to live.

She had undergone several surgeries and had plenty of medicines, tubes, needles inserted into her body. All of that, in the hope of experiencing one word that Daphne and her parents have been praying for: healing. You can read more details about Daphne in DR’s blog, which he posted just few weeks ago.

Long story short, on our last day in Singapore, we found ourselves walking in the hospital alleys looking for Daphne’s room. Terrified have always been the word that pops out in my mind every time I enter  a hospital. I couldn’t imagine myself enduring a year of living inside the hospital walls.


The moment we stepped into her room, Daphne was just about to take a nap, accompanied by her parents, @juwtlin and @lauratania. They greeted us with one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t trace any hopelessness or tired eyes from them. They radiated a lot of hope, joy and strength. This touched my heart, as sometimes I radiate too much negativity out of unnecessary problems, small problems compared to the struggles that they have.

As I talked to them, secretly wishing I could bless them or encourage them through what I say, in reverse, I was blessed and encouraged by their lives. I tried real hard not to shed a tear in front of them. Daphne was also an exception, despite of the tubes and needles attached to her body, she was still in such contagious cheerful mode that would made us laugh from time to time.

In the last 15 minutes before we parted, Daphne was busy playing with some of her favorite dolls, and didn’t mind sharing her dolls with us. She would also laugh every time her dad made funny faces. I was personally starting to wish that the hospital’s visiting hours could be extended so I could play longer with Daphne. But that would be selfish, because Daphne and her parents definitely needed some rest.


I walked out of the hospital building with my heads filled with thoughts. As I waited for the MRT that was gonna take us back to the hotel, I couldn’t help but to ask myself, “What have you done for others? What kind of lifestyle have you portrayed that would actually bring positive impact to others?”

As twenty somethings, sometimes we got so busy in enjoying life, pursuing the job that pays the bill and living the kind of lifestyle that we could always share on our social media. The same goes to us. Through this blog, we kinda enjoyed the attention we got from many people who complimented us for having the luxury of traveling, trying out new places and getting invitations to events and concerts. And we forgot that…

Doing small things for others could actually be part of our lifestyle too. Praying for others can actually be a part of your lifestyle too. Through this post, I want to encourage each and every one of us to cultivate a selfless lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle that would not only make you look cool, but could actually bring a deep impact to your surroundings. Sometimes we think the word “influential” goes just as further as how trendy or current you are regarding the trends or pop-culture, but, it could actually go beyond than that.


Back to Daphne. This little baby girl, as I said on the title, just celebrated her first birthday four days ago (August 8th 2016). Here are some simple actions that you could actually do to help her and might be one of her best first birthday present:

  1. Pray. I believe prayer is the simplest yet most powerful form that we can do to defeat any tough situations.
  2. Donate to Bank Central Asia 483 015 3638 a/n Laura Tania.
  3. Share this post. Because as I’ve mentioned above, there’s no solution for this case just yet. BUT, there might be someone out there who could have the answer to Daphne’s case. Someone who might know the best procedure to handle Daphne’s case. If you wanna make things viral, this is it. (Enough with the story about a girl who got dumped by her boyfriend and cried about it over youtube.)


To end this post, we just wanna wish you a happy belated birthday, Daphne. We speak perfect healing and speed-recovery upon you. We are looking forward to seeing you here back home in Jakarta!

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)


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