Be Dora the Explorer!

There is so much to explore when you put in the effort.

Whoever said “traveling is easy” is wrong, IMHO. Traveling requires you to work to save money, arrange your itinerary, prepare your passport, etc. To me, one of the toughest parts in traveling is the exploration itself. I hate similarities. That is why I try my best to gain new experience in each of my journeys. Otherwise, I would definitely be bored and uninspired.

With that thinking in my head, HG and I set out to explore Singapore in ways we would never had done before. I’ve been to Singapore a few times before and all I could remember was Merlion, Clark Quay, Sentosa Island and a few other touristy spots. As my love to photography and Instagram grew, HG and I decided to search for Singapore’s most “Instagram-able” spots.

Since everything is just a Google away, we quickly found our first exploration spot. Just a few hours after HG’s arrival in Singapore, we quickly checked in to our hostel, dropped our bags and headed to the Sports Hub.


Once you put in the effort to explore, the next step is to open your eyes wide for things that are out of the ordinary. We found a lot of that nearby the Sports Hub area. Right at train station stop, we were already holding our cameras eager to explore the station.

It didn’t take long for us to finally reached Sports Hub and took more photos!

The Perks of Being 20 - Travel - Singapore - Sports Hub - Stadium - OOTD - Street Style - Hypebeast 12

The Perks of Being 20 - Travel - Singapore - Sports Hub - Stadium - OOTD - Street Style - Hypebeast 02

HG was wearing a denim shirt and socks from Topman, plain white tee (read: his signature style) and shorts from H&M, and white BNV sneakers.

On the other hand, I wasn’t really prepared for any OOTD shots. Since I just finished 2 weeks of being a nomad in Australia, I was only prepared with a few t-shirts and winter jackets. After the cold and windy days in Melbourne and Sydney, my body temperature couldn’t take the humidity in Singapore. That was why I ditched my outers and decided to travel comfortably wearing all black. You can never go wrong with black anyways.

The Perks of Being 20 - Travel - Singapore - Sports Hub - Stadium - OOTD - Street Style - Hypebeast 03


I guess my point is, there is always something to explore even in the most touristy spots. Do your research. If you are a foodie, Google for something new. If you are a fashionista, explore new possibilities of shopping. Be “Dora the explorer” in whatever areas you’re interested in! Dora was never shy to ask questions over and over again, she never let swiper or crocodiles held her back. Let nothing holds you back from exploring.



There is so much more reward in exploring the unknown!

PS: When I was a kid, I might have watched Dora just a little too much.

Keep exploring!

DR. (@demasryan)


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