Man Up, Get A Haircut!

Getting a haircut these days is easier for men as there are now plenty of barbershop outlets in almost every area of the city. In fact, going to a barbershop has become a part of men’s lifestyle. Men no longer feel awkward or uncomfortable telling the world how much we love getting pampered in a barbershop. Somehow, the concept of barbershops made us feel more secure about our manhood compared to going to a fancy salon.



The word hipster and its particular image of a guy with well-trimmed beard and well-combed pompadour or undercut hair have became a world wide trend about three years ago. Enhanced by the rapid grow of social media platform, almost every guy I know are now having similar looks in the name of “lifestyle” and in the name of becoming “hipster”.



I am also one of the early adopter of this look. In fact, I still remember how most of my friends would laughed at my undercut hairstyle and at the fact that I brought my wooden comb and pomade everywhere I go. But now, most of them are doing the same thing. Holla! Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been keeping it not for the sake of trying to maintain the hipster look, but simply because it suits me. Besides, what used to be a hipster phenomenon right now had turned into quite a mainstream thing.



In three years, what started as a “euphoria” had become a part of a growing industry, not only in Jakarta but also in some other big cities around the world, such as Los Angeles and Sydney. Numerous barbershop started to spread out all over Jakarta with price that varies from IDR 60k to IDR 100k. All of them actually offers the same service and haircut. It’s just a matter of comfort and service that makes you come back as their loyal customer.



I was in a dire need of getting myself a haircut and moustache-trimming last month when I stumbled upon this particular barbershop called “Di Bawah Pohon” (which means under the tree in Indonesian) in Instagram. Honestly, I think the name is such a head turner. Way before barbershops became one of the cool places for men to go to with its tricolored pole and unique neon sign, most barber in Jakarta would do their business literally under a big tree with a single chair, a mirror and deliver a quick buzz cut.

So when I saw the name that particular image popped up in mind. I thought to myself, are they seriously doing their business under a tree? Surely, they’re not. It is only use as a brilliant marketing tool.



Anyway, I decided to gave it a try. Di Bawah Pohon is located at the back of Sarinah Building, Jl. H. Agus Salim, Menteng. I was greeted not with a tricolored pole but with a monochrome one instead. On the window pane, their tagline says “Man Up. Get A Haircut.” screams to anyone who reads it. It turned out, I was their second customer that day. The shop opens at 11 AM so it would be best if you could come a little bit early, because once the open sign is up, the number of visitors were increasing vastly.



Visiting this shop at night would be a real challenge, especially when you feel tired after work. On my third visit to Di Bawah Pohon, I came at 8 PM and got my haircut at 10 PM. No kidding, I was their second last customer. Weekend morning would be the best time for you to get a haircut here.

Check out my vlog on my very first visit to Di Bawah Pohon on the video below!


Write to you later,


HG. (@gersonhenry)


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