Nalu Bowls: Serving You Tasty and Healthy “Waves” From Around the World

Healthy breakfast. What comes into your mind when you read those two words? If you ask me, I had several words poppin out quickly in my mind, yet “Tasty” is not one of them. The word tasty and healthy have been compartmentalized into two completely different categories. Most people raised their eyebrows in curiosity when you told them that health and tastefulness can actually be friends.

Put me in the “most people” category when I first heard about Nalu Bowls. I was so curious about it the moment I landed in Bali few weeks ago I made Nalu Bowls as my first itinerary for the next morning. Accompanied by two of my friends, I started my day sitting in an Uber car and went on for a 45 minutes ride (thanks to traffic) just for this so called “A Little Taste of Paradise.”

The Perks of Being Twenty -Lifestlye - Bali - Nalu Bowls 03

The Perks of Being Twenty -Lifestlye - Bali - Nalu Bowls 04

Nalu, which is a Hawaiian word for wave, has three outlets in Bali (Seminyak, Uluwatu and Canggu). I went to Canggu outlet not knowing that there is actually a nearer outlet to the hotel I stayed in, which was in Legian.

This little all-white shack offers bowls of smoothies made out of fresh local ingredients and fresh daily-baked homemade granola. After a few minutes of reading their menu, I decided to order the J-Bay, a protein pack consists of peanut butter, soy milk, honey and banana, while my friends ordered the Pipeline.

It only took a spoon of J-Bay to make me fall in love with it. I also tried the Pipeline bowl and it tasted delicious! That moment, I finally understood why some of my friends who have visited Nalu are all so crazy about coming back to this place to have more of its various smoothie bowls.

The Perks of Being Twenty -Lifestlye - Bali - Nalu Bowls 01

The Perks of Being Twenty -Lifestlye - Bali - Nalu Bowls 02

When DR joined me in Bali two days later, he also wanted to pay a visit to Nalu. I surely didn’t mind to have it one more time. In fact, I would love to consume it every day! We didn’t even care about getting a shower first. We just left the hotel using a motorcycle and went to the Seminyak outlet but it was crazily crowded. So, off to Canggu we went. The 30 minutes motorcycle ride was as worth it as our ride crossing the Mandara Toll (read about it here). I decided to stay loyal to J-Bay so I ordered the high-protein bowl again, while DR also picked the same flavor. Hail peanut butter!

If you notice, Nalu has unique names for each bowl, as written on the blackboard above. Each name comes from their favorite waves around the world. Wait, waves? Apparently, the healthy and delicious Nalu bowls are originally served as the perfect pre and post surf meal. Well, as they gained more awareness, it seems like surfers are not the only ones that they attract.

The Perks of Being Twenty -Lifestlye - Bali - Nalu Bowls 05

The Perks of Being Twenty -Lifestlye - Bali - Nalu Bowls 09

Echo Beach, which was just a minute away from Nalu Bowls was our next visit. DR spent some times hunting for good photos, while I decided to just sit, relax and savor every last minute I had in this beautiful island. Until we meet again, Nalu.

The Perks of Being Twenty -Lifestlye - Bali - Nalu Bowls 10

The Perks of Being Twenty -Lifestlye - Bali - Nalu Bowls 07

The Perks of Being Twenty -Lifestlye - Bali - Nalu Bowls 08

Write to you later,


HG. (@gersonhenry)


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