A Hope for Weight Loss at Quiznos

Being a freelancer is tough. Everyone around me see it as an awesome opportunity to work from home, but to me, it ain’t that simple.

First of all, being a freelancer takes a lot of discipline. I have to force myself to be productive everyday from 9 to 5. That means no TV, less social media on working hours, no snacking or even meals in between working hours. For me, the last part is the toughest. Since I quit my job last December, the arrow on my weight scale has been going up and down more drastic than a teenager’s first love relationship.

I’ve tried eating less at night, more exercises during the day, but lately more and more things just caught on to me. I ended up having no exercise and stress munching throughout my day. In the middle of my post weight increase depression (no, I’m not really depressed), I found out about a fast food joint called Quiznos Subway in Jakarta. That was when I happily realized I could find a veggie filled fast food in Jakarta!

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Veggie? Yea right.

This is probably the only fast food you can try if you’re in the middle of an intensive diet (no, I’m not really having an intensive diet). I saw Quiznos the first time when I was in the middle of New Delhi, seeing it in East of Jakarta was a pleasant surprise!

Although I came with the intention to eat something with low calorie (veggie and wheat bread), I quickly gave up after entering the restaurant and smelled the pleasant aroma in the air. I mean, look at these photos yourself!

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On that day, HG and I had planned to go to a few other places to try on Watt Coffee and Soulfood. Upon realising that, I decided to take it easy on my first bite in Quiznos by sharing my food with HG. After all, Quiznos, sandwich’s portion is huge!

Like I said, I was on an intensive diet (no, I am not that motivated), so I ordered the Zesty Steak (at least it had veggies). To add it up, we got ourselves some curled fries and lemon tea (no, it was not sugarless or organic).

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But first, snapchat!

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Hello calories!

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Zesty Steak: mozzarella, cheddar, mushrooms, onions, honey bourbon, steak and so much more!

Quiznos was great! I am actually writing this post craving for more of Quiznos. Thank God, they have another branch at Karawaci, which is closer to where I live! If you haven’t been there, you really should! For its taste, service and price, I am giving it an 8!

By now, you would have realized that I want to lose weight and prepare for the summer. You would have also realized that I am not that motivated. Is there any other “healthy” fast food restaurants that I can visit?

DR. (@demasryan)

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Kavling, Jl. Pemuda No.30, Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur. Hours: 6 AM – 12 AM.


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