Sunday Talk at Darling Rice Club

Being both a professional writer and at the same time a part-time blogger sometimes means having yourself drowned in a swamp of deadlines. The only way out of that tons of articles and blog posts is *drumroll* sitting and dealing with that blank page in front of you. Not really a rocket science, huh? And every writer say, “Amen.”

Now, a good place (read: a quiet and empty space with great wifi connection) matters a lot when it comes to composing your drafts. Darling Rice Club, has been one of the very few places that we visit when we need to sit and write, or when we need a nothing box, or when we simply need to brainstorm together.

The place is strategically located, offers good coffee and other beverages like juice and smoothies. They also serve delicious Indonesian foods with affordable price. Conclusion, it has everything we need.

Last Sunday, the crowd was not only your two writing machines. We were accompanied by some of our close friends. Over some cups of coffee, a few plates of Indonesian cuisines and snacks we got involved in a convo about The Perks of Being 20. Nope, not our website here, but the literal meaning of living a twenty something life.

If you’re wondering of the absence of any photos in this post, it was intentional. Well, this post is a little bit different.

The moment suddenly came where we asked about our good friends’ opinions of the blog. “Inspiring” was the word they chose to use, especially every time we explore the city. Through our blog, they got a glimpse of the 20 something season as the season of freedom, the season where you enter adulthood and leave adolescence behind. It’s that time where you will be introduced to many responsibilities, yet at the same time more flexibility. For those friends who already left the 20s, they said there are times when they regret not following their guts when they were younger.

As for us, as we got deeper into the convo we just realized the real perks of being 20. It’s the year of freedom to explore, try new things, go on an adventure, figure things out and pursue what you really like to do. It’s the season to try things out!

Speaking of which, DR & I, have been triggered to dig deeper into our passionate pursuit of the creative and branding industry. Through the making of this blog, we have learned a lot about ourselves. We realized how crazy we are about the creative industry and how discontent we would be upon looking at some major branding mistakes. Over some nights of talking and brainstorming, a new project was born.

It’s too early to tell you now, but we promise to update you soon.

Well, after that quite serious Sunday talk and after we finished our writings, surely ootd photo session was next. Both of us were wearing denim items paired with grey and black colors.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Denim Shirt: Pull & Bear; Tee & Skinny Jeans: Uniqlo; Kicks: Nike Internationalist

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Snapback: H&M, Tee: Skelly’s; Jogger Denim: Cotton On; Socks: Topman, Kicks: BNV

Sincerely, your two right-brained thinker.

Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)

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