From Promenade to Papilion

The world unites in a joyful manner every time Friday comes knocking. How many of you are guilty of secretly desiring Friday to come faster when it’s actually still Tuesday? Well, I’m one of them. You could actually consider me as one of the loyal TGIF-and-Friyay-hashtag users, who consistently feel a sense of enthusiasm just by putting that hashtag on their photo.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t love my job, it’s not that I don’t enjoy weekdays. As a matter of fact, I actually do and I’m all psyched up every time Monday comes because for me, I couldn’t enjoy weekend if I don’t have a productive weekdays (read: I can’t afford my weekend if I don’t work on weekdays). Nope, I’m not being unreal. If you have found the job that you love, you’d be grateful for Monday because you get to do what you like and get paid while many other people are still busy finding the one thing that they like.

Anyways, as Friday came last week, I embraced it with arms wide open. As always. But, there was a little thought that bothered me. “What should I wear tomorrow?” DR & I planned to visit three new places (we’ll write to you soon in the upcoming weeks) and when we are on the roll, a fun ootd photo taking is definitely expected.

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Tip toeing.

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Keeping balance.

I felt a little bit lazy to try on some new looks. So I decided to just go with a nautical stripes tee from Uniqlo – with my initials patched onto its pocket, a pair of grey skinnies from H&M, and monochrome slip-ons from Marnova. I also felt a little bit uninspired to even give my hair the proper amount of wax I ended up wearing a black snapback from H&M. I worried a little that I might be under-dressed compared to DR.

But, apparently great minds do think alike. I was relieved when I finally met DR and found out that he was also in the mood of looking uber casual. He wore a red long tee from H&M, snapback (told ya, we do think alike), DIY ripped jeans, and a pair of white classic hi-top Converse.

Conclusion is, even when we were too lazy to dress up, we ended up still just fine and acceptable for some OOTD photos. Nailed it.


Basement chillin.

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Follow the sign.

After having a yummy lunch in East Jakarta we headed South for some coffee o’clock. Our destination was the Promenade 20 (The Perks of Being 20 at Promenade 20, too much coincidence?). We intended to visit this newly opened second outlet of Watt Coffee. As we hopped out of our car, we found ourselves in an empty and huge parking space.

DR was like, “Okay, let’s take some photos first.” And I replied, “Yeap, the coffee definitely can wait.”

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To the right.


To the left.

After a little while, the basement got us sweating heavily. In Jakarta, as light as you can dress, you won’t stand being in a closed room without any AC. We got out and chilled at Watt Coffee. Of course more photos happened there, but that’s for another post.

Our next itinerary that weekend was dinner at Soulfood, still in Kemang. But before we left, we decided to explore the semi-outdoor area of Promenade 20. It’s a commercial and office park designed in greyish victorian style. I don’t know why, but the architectural look, especially its high-ceiling, reminded me a bit of QVB in Sydney.

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Double Trouble

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Leaving weekdays behind.

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Walking towards weekend.

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Promenade 20. Jl. Bangka No.20, Pela Mampang, Mampang Prpt., Jakarta Selatan.

Promenade was fun. But, we gotta move.

On our way to Soulfood, we realized that we were out of cash. So we had to drop by at the nearest ATM in the area. We found one at The Papilion, Jalan Kemang Raya No. 45AA.

It was not my first visit to Papilion, but it was definitely the first time I realized how pretty The Papilion building is. The iconic glass structure, which was designed by a local architect, Gregorious Yolodi, screams fashionably urban to anyone who sees it. Fashionable trendsetters and creative thinkers will be definitely magnetized by its strong yet poise appearance.

Again, DR, as if he could read my mind, said, “Let’s explore this building, and take some good photos.” I replied with a quick nod.

So we climbed our way up. From the basement to the top. The Papilion was filled with eclectic art galleries, specialty shops, Huiz Van Wely restaurant, and the famous bar, SHY Rooftop. If you’re really a 20 something, you must have at least came to this bar, at least for once.

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Started right from the bottom.

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Branding 101.


A little pause on our way to the top.

We found this empty white space at the third floor, and it was closed. If you’ve been reading our previous posts (Denim Day Out and Exploring The Urban Jungle), an empty space means the right spot for ootd photos, even if it’s closed.

One minute we were on the outside, next minute we were already posing inside. I got nervous every time I heard footsteps coming, but DR simply wouldn’t stop. Well, that’s another perks of being 20 that we can share to you. Be spontaneous and be adventurous. It’s the season for you to explore many things, even if it’s as simple as finding a good ootd spot.

Long story short, we waved sayonara to Papilion, and quickly went to Soulfood (wait for our post about it) as our tummy were starting to make some hungry noises. Weekend will always be fun if you spend it with your favorite people, doing new things that might not be repeatable, making memories for your future.

As I’m writing this, I already got all thrilled for our next weekend plan. Stay tune to our Instagram feeds (@ThePerksofBeing20) to stay updated, or simply follow our Snapchat (gersonhenry and demasryan) to find out what we’re up to this weekend.

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Yeap, the double trouble is back again with their signature pose.

Write to you later,


HG. (@gersonhenry)


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