5 Hours on the Road, Thoughts and Questions

Pleasure, to me, is simple.

For example, my kind of pleasure lies in traveling, best friends and a warm drink on a rainy day. I am not a man that wants too much in life. Politic bores me, aristocracy is history and rankings are mere illusions. What’s real pleasure to me, could be achievable even through a good sleep.

Truthfully, pleasure is simple, but may not always be easy to achieve. I had been an insomniac for the few weeks. Good sleep was merely a dream since I woke up feeling worse than the night before.  Maybe it’s the same restless thoughts bothering each one of us, but this time, it speaks louder than before.

“Perhaps, I just needed a holiday!”

Just like that, a phone call suddenly came from my broadcasting studio, giving me a free trip to Ciwidey on the next day. Without much contemplation, I canceled my schedules and affirmed my seat on the bus. Next thing I knew, I was sitting in a bus for a 5 hours journey leaving Jakarta and all my worries behind.

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Lake view and after lunch coffee.

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The ripple effect.

After a long stressing bus ride, I finally arrived at Legok Kondang. This beautiful lodge is where I spent most of my time in Ciwidey. Although I slept on a tent, it was more than just a camping. The staff called it glam-ping, glamorous camping. How glamorous? Think of a big tent with a bathroom inside, wireless internet connection and a freaking television equipped with cable programs. Quite glamorous for a camping situation!

Despite of the falling rain, the weather was not as cold as Bandung. The fog was thick, but it wasn’t chilly, it was just romantic. The kind of fog that embraces you and puts a smile on your face. If you can’t relate to that statement, you definitely need to travel more.

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Endless view.

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After the fog is gone.

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Don’t you think it’s tiring for God to draw these different clouds everyday? Well, He’s God anyway, He has all the time.

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Overlooking the rice fields. My favorite view.

In Ciwidey, me and my office mates had the pleasure of releasing lanterns, rafting and paintball. All of them were fun, but I enjoyed rafting the most. We went through a 3rd grade Palayangan river during a cold afternoon. However, adrenaline made us fail to notice how cold it was until we got off the water.

Paintball was a lot of fun, especially if you’re kicking butt and winning for the team. Yes, my team and I won against the other team. Since I didn’t get a trophy, let me at least brag about it to you.

The releasing of lanterns were done on a quite night. With no stars visible in the dark night sky, 8 lanterns flew up high giving me a lesson. If the sky gives you no stars, perhaps you can create your own.

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A dark sky shouldn’t bring you down.

2016-03-13 08.17.00 2.jpg

Through the Palayangan river.

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Briefing before the game.

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Team meeting.

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It hurts less than you think.

The bonus of this trip was a quick visit to Kawah Putih. It only took us 30 minutes to reach Kawah Putih from Legok Kondang. The view it offered, compensate for the strong sulfuric smell coming from the crater lake. Trust me, it is actually a popular dating site! I mean, the smell is nothing compares to the ambiance and the atmospheric love pressure that fills the air.

Sorry for letting my memories carry me away. It was just beautiful.

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Just the two of us.

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Kawah Putih, aka White Crater.

Not long after the visit to Kawah Putih, I found myself on the way back to Jakarta in the same stressing bus that I took to Ciwidey. However, this time it wasn’t that stressing. In fact, I remember sleeping throughout the entire journey back home. Maybe it really was the vacation that I needed to cure my insomnia!

However, I woke up to find myself filled with more questions.

Do I really need another holiday if those thoughts ever come back again? Do human beings rely on temporary getaway to chase away the thoughts of daily routines? Is this vicious circle really what life has to offer for us?

Isn’t life supposed to be more than that? I do hope so.

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Thanks for the getaway Ciwidey!

DR. (@demasryan)


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