Exploring the Urban Jungle

Jakarta is an urban jungle waiting to be explored.

Perhaps this urban jungle term came out because we miss the playground. As grown ups, we miss the little explorer deep inside each of us. At least that was how I felt when HG and I found this abandoned parking lot on our weekend exploration.

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The explorers.

It rained heavily on a Sunday afternoon. The kind of rain that would scare little kids away instead of playing under it. However, these 20s explorers were keen of exploring an abandoned building HG spotted a few days ago. Needless to say, we were actually trespassing, which made it more fun.

This trespassing experience was not the first for us. If you missed out on Denim Day Out, you should head back to that post. It seems that our courage to trespass has gone higher each time. Kids, this isn’t something to follow, although I assume our readers are not kids anymore.

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All black.




Ripped jeans, shamefully worn baseball shirt and snapback.

I wasn’t planning to wear black outfit from top to bottom, but the weather got me putting on my favorite sweater. Since I didn’t have much time to cut my hair, I decided to cover up the mess with my Topman snapback. One bad outfit decision was to wear my Nike Internationalist on a rainy season exploration. After jumping through a few puddles, I got it all messed up and dirty.

HG’s exploration started a few days ago when he found an old jeans in his closet. He decided to do a little DIY jeans ripping. He shamefully bought an H&M baseball shirt and black snapback even though we made a bet not to shop until we lose some weight. Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!

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Jump with intention.

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We go blind without reflection.

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A lot of jumping for HG that day.

Soon, the weather calmed down and left us with a lot of puddles to play with. The sun came out and the weather turned warm. It was funny how everything change all of a sudden in between seasons transitions. Isn’t it the same with growing up? One day you find yourself holding on to your grades in University, the next day you find them pretty much useless, leaving you helpless in securing a path for yourself.

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Diplo pose #1


Diplo pose #2

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Finding the light

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The road to the higher level can sometimes be lonely.

Let me get personal with you. Transition and changes sucks. In the middle of my transition, I often found myself lost and confused about the directions I am heading to. There are times where I question myself.

“Am I going to make it?”

“Am I too idealist?”

I felt very weird at first, but I came to a conclusion that any normal fresh graduates would have the same questions, perhaps even more. Seasonal hardships are not something out of the ordinary. It is just a road I have to walk through, no matter how fast or slow.

It’s good to have friends who support you in whatever season you are in. They keep you from getting lost in the middle of the road. Moreover, they are great exploring companion when things are too stressing. You know what they say, “surround yourselves with people who believe in your dreams.”

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Never lost.


DR. (@demasryan)


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