Super Cheap Getaway

If you open this post hoping to get a cheap getaway recommendation, you will get it. If you’re low on budget at the end of the month, this post will definitely point out to you a getaway as cheap as Rp 500k.

You are probably excited now, but there’s one thing I have not told you yet.

In traveling, there is always something to sacrifice. As a travel blogger, I know this very much. If you want to see more sites in a day, you have to sacrifice relaxing and chilling. If you want to take good photos, you might sacrifice on paying more fees to take your cameras inside a touristic sites, happened to me in India. In this case, with a low budget getaway, the hustles are real!

Still, the sites you will get are amazing!

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Tanjung Lesung on a sunset.

After a costly trip to India, I decided to cover something cheap and nearby to my hometown for my travel blog. Of course these things come in one package in the perks of being 20, which are struggling with financial problem and traveling as much as you like.

The main destination was Baduy and the budget was Rp 500k. Baduy is a remote village located in the island of Java only a few hours from Jakarta. My parents have talked about this village since I was a little kid. I grew up wanting to visit Baduy very much, especially Inner Baduy.

Inner Baduy is literally untouched by technology. Locals said that it would take us 6 hours of walking to reach Inner Baduy. Feeling excited for this trip, I packed up my hiking boots and pants just to find out that Inner Baduy is closed for tourists on the month of February to April. What a bummer!

With a slight adaptation to the original plan, my travel mate and I decided to head to Tanjung Lesung instead of spending more time in the Outer Baduy village. That explains the wrong beach outfit we wore on that day in Tanjung Lesung.

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Early train to Rangkasbitung.

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Ojeg to the rescue.

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More public transportation to take.

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Finally arriving at Tanjung Lesung with a wrong beach outfit.

It took us a train ride, 2 motorcycle rides and a few car rides to finally reach Tanjung Lesung from Jakarta. It took us half a day to finally felt sands on our feet. Luckily, everything was set up for our arrival. The nature welcomed us with a clear blue sky decorated by cotton candy clouds.

If only the place was managed better, it would be filled with tourists. This kind of condition was not the first I’ve seen during my days of traveling. A lot of beautiful places in Indonesia is not well taken care of, despite of its promising opportunities. On the contrary, some other beautiful spots are damaged due to exploitation. Hopefully, a better future awaits Tanjung Lesung.

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Greeted by cotton candy clouds.

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Untouched beach at Tanjung Lesung.

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Local fishing boat on the dock.

After a few hours of enjoying the beach, we looked for a backpacking hostel nearby the beach. Turns out there were many of them, but only a few offered a very affordable price for backpackers like us. Motorcycle rental was also available in Tanjung Lesung at a very affordable price! That was how we enjoyed the sunset through these various spots photographed below.

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Purple colored sky.

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Accidentally found this rice field on the way.

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A fisherman getting ready for an afternoon fishing.

Spending a night in Tanjung Lesung was more than enough. It was time to head to Baduy for a village adventure. Of course, the road to Baduy was very far and tiring. The bad weather made our journey even harder!

Hiking through the forest after a heavy rain was inevitable. Although the hike was short, I messed up my Palladium boots. It was my first time using it on a hike and it turned out to be very helpful!

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My black Palladium after the action.

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Baduy’s very own granary.

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On the wall of a local’s house. The photo on the top left shows the elders visit to the National Palace in Jakarta. Without using any modern transportation, these people walked all the way to Jakarta for 3 days.

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Coffee was served upon arrival.

Every visitors would be welcomed inside a local’s house. With no source of electricity from the outside, they depend on solar power electricity. The house is dark during the day, at night time, they rely on a solar powered light bulb.

The locals are dependent on a few livelihood. Other than rice planting and selling coffee beans, the ladies weave fabrics to be sold as merchandises for the visitors. The profit is probably quite high since I saw them weaving all the time! Morning until evening time, all the ladies in the village were busy weaving.

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Fabric weaving.

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Fabric weaving in Baduy is for women of all ages.

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On the table.

Baduy holds a preserved and conservative tradition. This was probably why the people do not mix in with us, the visitors. Compared to my visit to Flores last year, I felt unwanted and uninvited in Baduy. The locals didn’t even respond to my polite request to take photos of them. A simple smile wouldn’t be returned with another smile in Baduy.

Another personal guess regarding this unfriendly welcome is the unfriendly visitors. Since Baduy is a very popular place among city dwellers, I assumed that the locals are quite annoyed by weekly visitations. Imagine having a house that is invaded by visitors every weekend on a weekly basis. I would be annoyed.

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Even though alone, the sun never failed to shine.

The whole trip really costed me around Rp 500k. I could have done it with less than that, but I might have ate a bit too much in Tanjung Lesung. In my defense, I wasn’t on a very tight budget. Perhaps with a little motivation, or the urgent need to make ends meet, I would have saved a lot more.

At the end of my trip, I was very exhausted. This is what I meant by making sacrifices. A low budget traveling requires a lot of hustles and energy. This includes getting on and off buses, sleeping on an uncomfortable bed and even getting to your destination on foot.

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Ragged me, a few minutes before hopping on to a train to Jakarta.

I ended my trip by taking a train back to Jakarta feeling very ragged. At the same time, I feel very refreshed and ready to take on the city life again. Cheers to going back to reality!

DR. (@demasryan)

PS: feel free to hop on to my travel blog for details and itinerary of my Banten exploration!


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