Born (Not) to Fight. Ever.

Honestly, I was never a fighter.

Sure I learned some martial arts when I was in High School, but it didn’t give me a fighting attitude. My dad, on the other hand, was a martial art sensei when he was younger. Yet, I never had enough discipline to take on the legacy.

With that said, I always loved action movies, including the ones with a lot hand to hand combat such as The Raid or even The Matrix. That was why I said yes to an invitation of watching One Championship last weekend. For someone who is new to this experience, I didn’t want to be the only one. I knew another person who would be new to this, HG.

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One Championship, Tribe of Warriors.

The highlight of the night was the fight between Luis Santos and Rafael Silva, which was won later on by Luis Santos. However, to me, it wasn’t the only highlight. Some other fighters were making their international debut that night and I was suddenly a fan. Trust me, I am that impulsive.

The first fight started and I was excited right from their entrance. Loud music were resounding all over the corners while each fighters made their entrance. Every entrance, each fighters tried to do something significantly memorable for the audience. Some carried a flag, some danced and some just acted as chilled as a fridge.

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Rafael Silva VS Luis Santos.

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Jamaican entrance.

The first fight was between Jerome S. Paye and Li Hao Jie. It lasted for 3 rounds with a win by decision for Li Hao Jie. The fight was carried on carefully with a slower pace than the other fights afterwards.

The next several fights were even more fierce. Jimmy Yabo knocked out Bashir Ahmad after 21 seconds of fight in their first round. The crowd went super nuts. Another figther named Yohan Mulia Legowo had to submit to Mario Satya Wirawan’s guillotine choke.

I really can’t imagine being in the ring. The pressure would be too real for me to handle and I would have lose focus just after the first few seconds!

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Keeping the pokerface a few minutes before entering the rink.

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Submission attempt.

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Caught the kick.

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Another submission attempt.

With all of that happening inside the rink,  I believe every audience went home remembering one name, Angela Lee. This 19 year old female fighter was fighting the 29 year old Rebecca Heinztman that night. With age, comes a lot of experience. However, Heinztman was no match for her counterpart. Not long after the start of the second round, Lee dragged Heintzman into another submission attempt where she wheeled to the back and gave a fight-ending choke causing Heintzman to tap.

Lee’s record in One Championship has been solid. She is undefeated for her whole fights in One Championship and she managed to steal some spotlight that night from Santos and Silva. In my opinion, she deserved it.
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Angela Lee VS Rebbecca Heintzmann

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Stealing spotlights.

After the night ended, I went home imagining how fun would it be to learn some of those moves. The next morning, I knew that I was imagining way over myself. Now you know how impulsive I am.

I am not a fighter. The look of men grappling each other even gave me some laughs. No kidding, I was making jokes about it with HG. Our sense of humor probably entertained us more than the fight itself!

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Can you think of a funny caption for this photo? We could.

Thanks for the media invitation One Championship! What an entertaining night!

DR. (@demasryan)


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