A Film Festival by Plaza Indonesia

Last week, we had a chance to attend Plaza Indonesia Film Festival 26 that carried the theme Love Philosophy, held on the 9th – 12th of February. The festival screened two films per day including three local films (Aach Aku Jatuh Cinta, About A Woman, A Copy of My Mind).

DR & I didn’t have the time luxury to watch all movies, so we just chose two out of six that caught our attention.


The first one was DR’s pick. As a real hopeless romantic guy, this LDR-themed movie got him all curious. I couldn’t help but laughing at first, but I decided to tag along with him. 10,000 KM is a Spanish-American romantic drama movie released last year. The plot revolves around Alexis and Sergi, a couple who’s been struggling to have a baby. Conflict happens when Alexis, who is a photographer, got an offer to work in Los Angeles for 1 year. Both of them try real hard to maintain their relationship over an endless communication via Skype and Facetime.

The movie reminds me of “300 Days of Summer” which delivers its plot as a day-to-day event. The difference is, there’s no flash back or fast forward here. The movie starts as Day 1, delivered as a one-take scene, which successfully hooked me as an audience. Then it continues, to Day 2, Day 30, Day 56, Day 101, etc. It’s like we were being updated gradually about the progress of Alexis and Sergi’s LDR.

I love the script and witty lines that Sergi throws occasionally. DR was hooked with the ending. I think I saw him shed a little tear hahaha (peace bro). We gave it 8/10 for realness.


Our second pick was A Copy of My Mind, which is the current “talk-of-the-town.” This movie was written and directed by one of my all time favorite Indonesia’s director, Joko Anwar, and starred by Indonesia’s two most promising stars, Chico Jericho and Tara Basro.

I’ve been a fan of Joko Anwar since he made Janji Joni, followed with Kala, Pintu Terlarang, and Modus Anomali. So I had quite a high expectation over this one. Tara plays Sari, a female cheap salon worker, while Chico plays Alek, a pirated DVDs subtitle maker, and of course they met and quickly fell in love. The first part of the movie was honestly kinda draggy, some scenes made me dizzy because of its shaky cinematographic technique. It doesn’t replace Modus Anomali as my favorite Joko Anwar’s movie, but I still love the whole idea and storyline.

In my opinion, Joko Anwar was being super honest through this movie. He successfully portrayed the daily life, the reality, of Jakarta’s lower class citizens. It triggered a little bit of discontent in me as I watched how Alek and Sari’s romance met a tragic end as they were accidentally involved in a political situation during the presidential election. Joko Anwar captured the dirty political world in this country, wrapped it in a romantic love story. Overall, we’d also give it a 8/10 for being brutally honest.

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Write to you later,

HG. (@gersonhenry)


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