First Monday of 2016 at Buro Concept Store & Coffee

Good morning from Bali, where time really flies! I know its the first week of 2016, you are dreading for more holiday and here I am still in Bali. Please don’t hate me.

As posted on my Bali trip post, Bali has been wonderful, yet very tiring! After exploring the hills and the beaches, I decided to spend my last days in Bali by exploring cafes in Kerobokan all by myself. Turns out, it was a day well spent!

One of the places I loved so much was Buro Concept Store & Coffee. I visited this place on the first Monday of 2016 which made my friends really envious when I posted photos of it on my social medias. If you wish to do so, visit Buro! It is located on the second floor of Livingstone Cafe & Bakery, which is also a good option for your coffee time.

Buro was so peaceful and calming! Because of its hipster playlist and ambiance, I decided to chill and rest for a while in Buro. At the end of the day, I spent 3 hours sitting down, taking photos and talking to strangers I bumped into at the coffee place.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Buro’s Barista at work.

Buro was more than its excellently brewed coffee. It is also a concept store selling good quality and well designed fashion wear and accessories. The brands they display in Buro are up to date, hip and fashion-forward. The soothing ambiance combined with the smell of coffee, made Buro a fantastic working place! If you ever find yourself in need of a working space while traveling in Bali, Buro is your place.

At first sight, I was in love. At first sip, I was even more in love. As mentioned above, the coffee was excellently brewed with quality taste. The coffee itself screams out twenty-first century on every sip. This place was hip enough for this millennial traveler.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Ice Cappuccino to beat a sunny day in Bali.

What makes this place even more hip was its decor and Instagram material spots. It wasn’t hard for me to shot pictures that are now lining up on my vscocam application, waiting to be posted on my Instagram. Don’t forget to bring your camera here since there are many photo spots for you. Check some of mine below. Can you spot some more photo spots that I missed?

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Monochrome store.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Wall of fame?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Essentials for sale.

If you ever plan on visiting, bring a laptop or a book and sit with your loved one to enjoy the quiet moment. Better yet, why not bring a camera for some photo-taking fun?

I am very much hooked with this place, I am giving it a 9/10.

I hope you would enjoy Buro as much as I did! If you are looking for more of my cafe hopping experience in Kerobokan, Bali, feel free to stop on my traveling blog for more day to day Bali trip posts!

DR. (@demasryan)


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