Bali with Parents. Any objections?

You’ve heard of all the nice things in Bali. Some of you might think it’s overrated, but I really think it’s true. There is nothing to dislike from this island. Of course the traffic is worse nowadays and the heat is more and more furious lately, but there is something attracting about this island that keeps us coming back.

By us, I mean me and my parents. I know what you’re thinking, ‘how boring would it be going to Bali with your parents, you’re missing out on the fun!’ Well, I politely object! The 8 days I spent in Bali with my parents were pleasant and cheap, considering they paid almost everything for me. That’s something you can consider if you’re on a tight holiday budget.

Back to Bali… and parents.

I love how my parents love Bali so much, especially my dad. He is a big fan of Ubud because of all its peacefulness and quietness. I certainly know why I love some peacefulness and quietness myself.

Of course, the first place we visited in Bali projects this peace and quiet. The place was Tirta Empul Temple. Located on the north side of Ubud, this temple has been established for decades, thanks to the superstitious beliefs of the locals. This temple is placed around a holy water source believed to be bringing good fortunes, health and blessings for those who bathe in it. I’m not much of a believer but I find the temple interesting. Seeing almost every visitors soaking themselves in it was clearly something that I don’t see everyday.

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The queue to the showers. The ritual must be done from the left most shower to the right.

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An international tourist with a local belief.

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A praying ritual going on in Tirta Empul Temple.

Not far from the temple you will find the well-known Tegalalang Rice Fields. Still enjoying our own peace and quiet, suddenly we found ourselves in a crowded restaurant with a view towards the beautiful rice fields. Of course, Tegalalang Rice Field is quite a sight to see for international tourists, especially in cold weather countries.

Filled with a beauty for everyone to enjoy, this rice field is an antidote for any hectic days. Luckily for me, December was the time where these rice fields would be covered in greens. I couldn’t complain but I did wish for a longer time to explore the rice fields by my own feet.

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Our view from the restaurant.

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Two international tourists walking around the rice fields.

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Not a sight that attracts only the locals, this site was full of international tourists.

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Don’t forget to shop for cultural and ethnic goodies around the Tegalalang Rice Field.

The night came early and the skies were gloomier than ever. It was the perfect time to visit Campuhan Ridge Walk. This place is a 2 kilometers pathway with the view of green tall grasses on its left and right. With the sunset chasing upon me, the view was soothing and peaceful as I walked down the pathway.

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I wasn’t the only one excited to see more.

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All greens, left and right.

Of course we didn’t have much time to cover everything in Campuhan, so we decided to head back to our villa in Ubud and call it a day. A night in Ubud ended with a little peacefulness and quietness as well. We fell asleep with cricket sounds all around us, like they were wishing us to have the best sleep ever.

Ubud was fun, but it wasn’t everything I could tell about my trip in Bali. Another thing that me and my parents enjoy the most about Bali are the beaches. Especially the beaches of Uluwatu.

With our driver, which is a kind of luxury I wouldn’t take if I was traveling solo, we rode all the way from Ubud to Uluwatu to visit Balangan beach and Blue Point beach. The whole ride took us around 2 hours since the traffic was packed. If you have the choice to travel to Bali anytime, skip the holiday seasons.

Nevertheless, we were excited to see the sandy beaches, the furious waves and feel the breeze in Uluwatu. Soon, our excitement were paid off, even more than what we expected.

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Sun tanning mood at Blue Point Beach.

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Chilling mood at Blue Point Beach.

Blue Point Beach was the heaven of tourists. With alcoholic drinks and great views facing the ocean, I saw them spending hours under the sun and dollars for countless of beers. If you wish to visit, remember to bring extra cash since most of these diners don’t take any other form of payment. If you are afraid to get your skin tanned, don’t even bother stepping out of the diners. The place had a heavenly view with the kind of heat that came from the hellish underground.

Different from Blue Point, the pace of tourists in Balangan is slower and more relaxed. The reason behind this is probably the kind of activity possible to be done in each places. Blue Point has strong waves suitable for advanced surfers while Balangan is suitable for beginners. The other reason is probably due to the fact that Blue Point is a lot more well known compared to Balangan. Pick your choice, but if you ask me, I fell in love with Balangan.

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Romantic mood at Balangan Beach.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Surfing mood at Balangan Beach.

Balangan was a stretch of sandy beach with cliffs on both left and right borders of the beach. On top of the cliff you can see the whole Balangan beach and enjoy the view. Down below you can surf, sip on coconuts, play with the waves and create romantic scenes that would make the singles jealous. Yes, I was kind of jealous.

There is something romantic about Balangan beach that I love. As I mentioned above, my parents are lovers of tranquility, peace, quiet, serenity and all the boring stuffs. That was why they found it hard to leave Balangan and head back home.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Playful mood at Balangan Beach.

With all that told above, I took pleasure in walking around Kuta and Legian on my own, leaving my parents for their quality time. This is the part where I satisfy my adventurous self by walking aimlessly and talking to strangers. Even though I wasn’t the most confident kid in school, I succeeded in making new friends at a local coffee shop and concept store called Buro which I will write sometime later.

2016-01-05 06.13.59 1.jpg

Resolution writing at Buro Bali? Nah, I was just posing for the camera.

Days passed by and it was time for us to go back home. I have to say it went by pretty quick because it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. One thing I learned from this trip, traveling with parents is clearly not that bad. You got travel arrangements, luxury and comfort you wouldn’t have when traveling alone, and of course wonderful companions.

I remember walking to the airport discussing with my parents how we wished for more of Bali.

We wish we could stay for more.

We wish we could capture more.

At that moment we clearly forgot how Bali has given us a lot more than we expected. There goes a saying, men could only wish for more.

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Good bye Bali! Till we meet again.

For more of my trip to Bali and other places, visit my personal blog. See you there!

DR. (@demasryan)


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